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Gim Kordon release new single Vieläkin On Ikävä

gim kordon single cover
gim kordon single cover

For those of you with sharp minds, you may have noticed that Finnish music title Soundi premiered the new single from Gim KordonVieläkin On Ikävä last Friday. Today (23rd March) sees Vieläkin On Ikävä available digitally everywhere. Download/streamVieläkin On Ikävä from these selected links

It seems an age since Gim Kordon caused a stir and scored a top 20 hit with their debut album of last year, Ei Ole Helppoo. Flow Festival slots and a burgeoning live reputation has been the album’s legacy as well as furthering Gim Kordon’s reputation as the band to follow for fans of slacker goodness and wild guitar breaks.

Vieläkin on Ikävä brings  a little more sophistication to the Gim Kordon sound as the band decamped to a studio with Soliti head nut Triani. Those rough edges remain as does the usual/casual use of engrossing melody. Thrilling and feral Vieläkin on Ikävä is the Gim Kordon you’ve been missing all this time.

gim kordon promo new

A special #RSD run of Gim Kordon 7​” singles (100) featuring Vieläkin on Ikävä​ coupled with another new track hits the shelves of your local record emporium on the 18th April.

Single sleeve by Aki Luomanpää

Band photo by Mikko Rapila

Black Lizard’s ‘Solarize’ out now!


We’re very proud and honoured because today (20th March) sees the release of Black Lizard‘s second full length album Solarize, available via the Soliti label.

In the space of two years Black Lizard’s reputation as one of the finest purveyors of psych rock is assured. Yes, collaborations with Anton Newcombe and Sonic Boom have certainly helped spread their word, but it’s been the band’s brand of proto-punk combined with melodic hooks that’s led people to find them. A rigorous schedule of constant releases and gigging has meant there’s been no let-up in Black Lizard’s frontal assault.

Solarize was self-produced and sees Black Lizard expanding not only their sound (Solarize adds horns, synths and other textures to the mix) , but also moving out of strict genre borders just leaving us with a simple concept: Black Lizard music. 

Black Lizard: Solarize (Soliti 036)


  • 1. Everything And Nothing
  • 2. Perfect Dope
  • 3. Helpless
  • 4. Faith
  • 5. Harmonize
  • 6. All Her Time
  • 7. Heaven In You
  • 8. Waves Hit
  • 9. Shine High

Solarize is available on vinyl (cd included) and digital formats from the following outlets:

Some initial reaction and coverage for Solarize: “a broader direction for the band, adding new instrumentation and ideas to the mix while retaining the unrelenting energy and focus that this band so fully represent.” (Ja Ja Ja) “retains all the elements we’ve come to love about Black Lizard, that is the mesmerising fuzzy guitars, the airy vocals and the psyched, garage attitude, but this time around it sounds a little bit bigger, a little bit louder” Glue/Rosvot “it sounds as if they’ve taken the old formula of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or even JAMC, and made it entirely their own.  That’s what I love about the group: no matter what they do, they own it, giving it their all for the betterment of our experience” Austin Town Hall “Expect more of their thick, muscular blend of garage and shoegaze” When You Motor Away

Read a long interview with Black Lizard in Rumba where they expand on how they made the album. Soundi had a specially curated playlist by the band with some of the inspiration for Solarize. Rosvot pre streamed the album, whilst Onni & Joni from the band spoke to Pingisklubi ahead of their DJ set last night.


Black Lizard head out in support of Solarize at the following shows (with more dates to come) : Solarize Tour FB event page


Photograph by Sofia Okkonen.

Live photo and All Her Time video by Eetu Mauranen.

Solarize sleeve by Onni Nieminen.

Black Lizard on social media:

Soliti announce 23:23 album trilogy, listen to Never Gonna End

Photo: Onni Nieminen
Photo: Onni Nieminen

23:23 is the name give to Rami Vierula of Delay Trees extra curricula activities. Over the course of the last two years Rami has been quietly revealing a secret world of dreams and glorious hushed sounds over three album releases (via bandcamp). On display over these releases you can find Rami’s talent for exploring the dream pop aesthetic whilst never forgoing a willingness to experiment or of his love for melody.  Soliti has been in quiet awe of these recordings and we’re very excited to be giving all three albums a worldwide digital release on the 8th May 2015. Welcome to the 23:23 Album Trilogy.

As a taste of what to expect from the trilogy, we’re sharing with you Never Gonna End, from the last of the three releases Drifter. Lo-fi vibes and distorted vocals enhance 23: 23’s playful take on dreamer aesthetics. The pretty chorus is counterbalanced by a slacker performance full of charm.

Softest Wave etc. (2013)


ALL SCANDINAVIAN: He taps in to three decades of music to create a combo of 1950s Buddy Holly style rock’n’roll, the garage rock, psychedelia and pop of the 60s and fuzzy, lo-fi 1990s rock to rather awesome effect.

Torero (2014)


Qromag: “I really like redheads”.  May sound like a drunken racket on paper but sonically takes some of the best bits from the sixties psychedelic pop to the latest garage rock.

Drifter (2014)


Rosvot: “ like sketches from the basement, and showcases an interesting combination of 50s-sounding Buddy Holly-influenced guitar work and dreamy melodies.

In his own words, Rami, 23:23’s beating heart divulges “23:23 was born out of necessity. Suddenly I realized that all of my emotional and rational world started to take its form in music. I was writing songs like crazy. Ambient EP’s here, dream pop there (for my band Delay Trees), fresh sounding lofi songs were ominously piling up on my hard drive. Then I uploaded some songs online, played a handful of shows and a couple of cool people took notice. I never really got bothered to push myself anywhere or really send the albums to the press. Thankfully now through Soliti the albums get a second chance, people can hear them, share them and live with them. When I wrote the first 23:23 songs I was in my mid-20’s, a bit of a slacker, sleeping late, attending some classes at the Uni when I felt like it, and so on. All the things that really went on in my life came out as music. All the shit, the love, crushes, fights, jobs, God, pressures of growing up, being depressed, everything…Oh well, I just turned 30 and I’m still the same. Still writing music. Still shit piling up.”

Photo: Rami Vierula

Photo: Rami Vierula

Fez picture Onni Nieminen.

More 23:23 information available from:




Satellite Stories ‘Vagabonds’ album out in Finland now


There are two reasons for getting excited today. Firstly, the long wait for Satellite Stories album release of Vagabonds is over. It’s out now in Finland (27th Feb)! You can get involved in the world of  Vagabonds right now. But to add further pleasure to you experience, you can also get the live feel for the album, as Satellite Stories Vagabonds tour starts today (27th February) in Jyväskylä.

Vagabonds is available on CD, LP and digital formats from the following outlets (a selection)

YleX premiered the Vagabonds video earlier this week as well as having the Vagabonds album as Viikon Albumi. Other coverage for Satellite Stories in Finland includes interviews at HS, Metro, Rumba, Soundi, Oulu lehti, Voice, Nrj, Ylex, X3M, Rosvot, Radio Helsinki, HBL., Ksml 4/5 review.

Initial International reaction has been great: “In an age where electronic vibes seem to reign supreme, it’s nice to hear a good piece of solid indie pop “ Indie Shuffle, whilst CLASH Magazine  opines“a piece of blazing rock music built for arena use” . LA based Best New Bands commented “…one thing is definitely for sure, Vagabonds is a catchy, fun, admirable record from a band that continues along on a familiar road, but know that this is the only road worth traveling on.”

Satellite Stories Vagabonds tour starts today (27th Feb). Oulu and London dates are sold out already, with other shows  selling very well. In lieu of Oulu selling out, Satellite Stories play an afternoon show (28th Feb, 3pm ) at Levykauppa Ax Oulu this Saturday (don’t miss!). Get tickets for all dates here!

STOP PRESS: Satellite Stories have been added to the line-up of Ruisrock 2015

  • February 27th. Jyväskylä – Finland 
  • February 28th. Oulu – Finland 
  • March 4th. Hamburg – Molotow – DE
  • March 5th. Amsterdam – Paradiso – NL
    March 6th. Tilburg – 013 – NL
    March 7th. Zwolle – Hedon – NL
    March 9th. London – Barfly – UK (sold out)
    March 11th. Cologne – Luxor – DE
    March 12th. Stuttgart – Zwolfzen – DE
    March 13th. Zurich – Mascotte – CH
    March 14th. Lyss – Kufa – CH
    March 16th. Munich – Kranhalle – DE
    March 17th. – Vienna – Szene – AU
    March 18th. Prague – Futurum – CZ
    March 19th. Berlin – Frannz Club – DE
    March 20th. Copenhagen – Bremen Teater – DK
    March 23rd. Gothenburg – Pustervik – SE
    March 24th. Oslo – Pokalen – NO
    March 26th. Madrid – Arena – ES
    March 27th. Barcelona – Razzmatazz – ES
    March 28th. Mallorca – Es Gremi – ES
    March 29th. Granada – Planta Baja – ES
    April 5th. Helsinki – Tavastia – FI 
SS promo1_highres

For more Satellite Stories information visit

Cats Of Transnistria Away EP out now

Away cover
Away cover

Cats of Transnistria‘s highly anticipated Away EP, is released digitally via Soliti worldwide today (16th Jan 2015). Congrats you Trans Cats we say!

Listen to Away EP here

Away EP is available to download & stream from the following shops





Net Antilla


Soliti Shop

Cats Of Transnistria say this of their EP “Away is a story about escapes. The songs are fantasies of a life in another place, stripped of identity, and of hedonistic self-destruction. The entwining short-story-like fragments combine personal feelings and sensations with undertakings of fictional characters from films and novels. Spiced with black humor, these tales of suffering are equally mixed with beauty and hope.” 

Watch the video’s for Good Night & San Francisco

Cats Of Transnistria ‘Away EP ‘ (Soliti 034)

Away cover copy

Composed and performed by Cats of Transnistria. Production by Paltsa-Kai Salama. Away EP cover made by Onni Nieminen

Upcoming live shows:
29.1. Helatorstai-klubi, Henry’s Pub Helsinki
30.1. Soliti Winter Beach Party, Nosturi, Helsinki
31.1. Telakka, Tampere
5.-6.2. MARS Festival, Seinäjoki


“the Helsinki-based duo’s sound conjure an evocative and serene nocturnal imagery of the scarce daylight season, with windy tremors seeping into the chasms, lulling the listener into a dreamland. ” Prefix

“The group is essentially a duo, crafting this really ornate soundscape music, weaving vocals in and out, and creating this aesthetic that’s extremely hard to ignore.” Austin Town Hall

“The track ‘Good Night’ is absolutely hypnotic, soft like a summer night under the stars. The tremolo guitar, the subtle organ and the dreamy vocals create a strange, comforting darkness that will keep you warm in the cold months to come.”  Ja Ja Ja Music:  5 Artists To Watch In 2015

“… we can also tell you that its staggeringly good…Markedly affecting and often spectacular, ‘Away‘ is a consuming and engrossing depiction of abjection, but it’s certainly one that’s worthy of exploration.” Gold Flake Paint

“San Francisco is dark and claustrophobic in intent and delivery living up to their doom/dream pop, whilst Henna’s vocals almost float over and through the changes in tempo from black noise to subtle understated electronica.” Even The Stars

more info on Cats of Transnistria