Puunhalaaja return on the darkest day of the year, listen to ‘Valoa kohti?’

We’re ready to face the Holidays – but before we do, our very own Puunhalaaja are releasing their first single from their upcoming  album, listen to ‘Valoa kohti?’ – released on this darkest day of the year, 21st of December.

We’re delighted to share with you ‘Valoa kohti?’Puunhalaaja’s first single from their upcoming second album (more details soon), which will be released via Soliti in Spring 2018. ‘Valoa kohti?’  is released  on what’s known as officially the darkest day of the year (21st Dec). A fitting time to re-engage with our old friends Puunhalaaja, when the brain needs a bit more light.

Listen to ‘Valoa kohti?’ from the following outlets:

Photo by Puunhalaaja

Puunhalaaja is a Helsinki based band formed in 2015. Since the release of the self-titled​ debut​ album ‘Puunhalaaja’, the band has expanded from a one man​ affair​ into a four piece band. Aiding and abetting Sebastian Forss (guitar, vocals) are Aleksi Peltonen (bass), Mikko Sulonen (guitar), and Olli Juvonen (drums).