Forging their way with a series of very well received EP releases, Ocelot finally treat us all to a defining statement of their unique vision with debut album Auringon puutarha. The album sees the light of day on the 25th November 2022. Ocelot tells us of the record; “Auringon puutarha is about a fantasy, both beautiful, naive and disillusioned. It is an album about studying a distant place closely, about obsessing over a life that is out of reach, it is an album about watching and consuming a main character and confusing oneself with them.”

First taste from Auringon puutarha is the single “Vanha Hollywood”.
“Vanha Hollywood is a song about a main character that was forgotten, that never got casted, that never got their own song. It is a song from another place, another life, another story. It is a song meant to be played in dreams and movies and memories. It is a song for everyone who talks about themselves as if they were from a past life.” Ocelot explained.  “Vanha Hollywood” arrives on the 30th September 2022.

Photo:  Ocelot 2022 by Linda Lehtovirta

Selected Press

“They have a late night lying on your bed feeling the summer breeze gently caressing your radio dial type of vibe about them. They have this pop malarkey well sussed no doubt about it; soulful melodious and beautiful.” Monolith Cocktail

”Unelmoi EP proves Ocelot to be a skilled and unique band. Its home-grown but visionary interpretation of the California softrock sound is reminiscent of contemporary American names like Whitney and Drugdealer” Kulttuuritoimitus

“Unelmoi is an imaginative journey into a summer landscape painting, within which there is time to dream.” Voima

“Meet Finland’s Polite Pop Experimentalists” a new interview via Minnis2Society

“Ocelot make wonderfully whimsical and strangely challenging pop music” Päivän Biisit

“…the release is a less than 20-minute dose of emotional roller coaster, bright pop and juicy curvy rhythm lines” Desibeli

Unelmoi EP featured via Niche Music‘s Discovery feature

“To put it bluntly, Ocelot are different. For some people the gap between normality and what they write is too big to bridge. For others it presents a challenge to be relished. I’m quite happy to count myself in the latter category.” Nordic Music Review

“Finnish outfit bring the same bright tones as Eels to this fresh and upbeat new offering” Mystic Sons

“I love the stand-up piano intro, the lala la las, the high pitched vocals and the delicious melody. It all builds to an fantastic climax and then…it’s gone!” SWIT

“The most interesting Finnish band of 2020  – Ocelot release a new ep” Rumba

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