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Watch Black Twig’s ‘Halfways’ video

Black Twig‘s Halfways, the opening track from sophomore album Heliogram, delivers dream like states of ringing guitar notes and punctuated rhythm (and yes the guitar break is pure Loaded). A looping chord sequence moves to the left and then right, but returns to the elegant motoric jangle. Johanna Heikkilä‘s film creates the perfect accompaniment to Halfways. The 1990’s home footage rarely varies, but creates it’s own altered state of repetition, comparable to Warhol‘s beach voyeurism combined with the jump/cut glitch of experimentation.

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Manna announces new album Blackbird

(Soliti/Lumikki 030) Released date: 24th October 2014

We’re proud to announce (and a little excited too) the release date for Manna‘s new album Blackbird. Blackbird is Manna’s most vulnerable album to date, featuring personal yet brave songs that push to the maximum the view that Manna’s music is from the heart and without boundaries. Blackbird‘s cover art reflects the album’s mood and theme with an illustration by Linda Linko.

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