Watch Cats Of Transnistria’s Thunder Comes video

Watch Silja-Riikka Seppälä’s heady trip for recent single Thunder Comes

Cats of Transnistria‘s latest single Thunder Comes finds the band expanding on their template. Heavy atmospherics, vocals gliding in and out, white noise-like guitars and picked delicacy, organ riffs bringing beauty and adding layers to the hypnotic dark dream the band create. The accompanying video from Silja-Riikka Seppälä finds her visuals in sync with the band’s heavy dream. Sunburst colors explode whilst there’s something strange happening in the woods. Look closely and you’ll find our heroes amongst the shards. Scratched film, repetitive loops and visceral visuals create a speeding-flickr colliding with Thunder Comes serene eeriness. Music and Seppälä’s​ ​cine-collage​ compliment each other to create the perfect haze. It’s in the trees….

Thunder Comes b/w Ishtar/Astaroth is out now

“I’m pretending right now that I’ve got an extended break from work and that I’m spending a week blissfully relaxing — after I discover the Helsinki based duo Cats of Transnistria, it’s not to the beach now though, more likely an introspective hour sitting lonesome surrounded by a dense darkening forest or some personal space in the seclusion of your own room.” Just Music That I Like

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Cats of Transnistria‘s  Thunder Comes single will be available soon as very ltd. 10″ release (watch this space). The band are currently working on their debut LP set for release in early 2016.

single cover

Photo by Silja-Riikka Seppälä