Oceans ‘Thrill EP’ out now

The second EP from Oceans, Thrill, is released today (30.10).

Oceans second full length EP, Thrill is finally with us. Featuring the singles Sundown (produced by Noah Kin) and Give All, the five track release brings a development in the Oceans sound. Efe Tekkanat (the man behind Oceans) comments on the new EP I’m Telling You and Honest were the tracks to show the musical style of Oceans. In Thrill EP, that style is still proudly represented with echoing and addictive vocals, classy electronic hooks and booming bass. I think Give All is the perfect example of  this new approach, with a melody that is kept simple and memorable.”

Oceans Thrill EP (Soliti 046) can be downloaded/streamed from the following selected outlets:

Advance word on Oceans Thrill EP has been great, here’s some coverage:
“Layers upon layers of deep and soulful sounds surround hypnotic chants, with more perspectives and emotions revealing themselves with each listen.” Ja Ja Ja
“Sundown” is a dance through R&B, electronic, ambient, and soul. Lead by Finnish producer Efe Tekkanat the genre switch-up doesn’t just sound unique, but downright unforgettable.” Under The Radar
“Tulevaisuus näyttää näillä näytöillä hyvin valoisalta vasta aloittavalle Oceansille.” Wincave, Rosvot.
“It’s one of those electronic tunes that builds upon itself, propelled by a propulsive beat beneath the soulful lyrics that echo through your speakers. There’s something compelling in the simplicity of the approach to, which bodes well for the man behind the song, Efe Tekkanat.” Austin Town Hall.
“a now very promising career in electronica with his eclectic synthpop that both challenges your balance nerve and rewards your inner R&B and pop lover.” All Scandinavian.
“the Helsinki producer has tapped into his twisty side, creating tracks that rise and fall on an electronic glitch and soulful refrain. It’s no wonder that Lykke Li named Tekkanat as a favorite. “Darkly playful and often unexpected, Tekkanat’s layered compositions have true lasting power.” MTV Iggy
“While so many producers are specializing in the big build and huuuuuuuge drop inspired by dubstep’s dynamic antics, “Give All” is nothing but the build. You get no relief at the end of this tune from his forthcoming EP Thrill (out on October 30th via Soliti Records). You’re left feeling delightfully, and, yes, thrillingly unsatisfied.” Nordic Spotlight

Oceans: Thrill EP (Soliti 046) Release date 30.10.2015

1. Give all
2. Brother
3. Let me live
4. Sunrise
5. Sundown