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Delay Trees were formed late 2007. Since 2009 Delay Trees have released two EP’s and a two albums – 2009’s ‘Soft Construction EP’,  2010’s self titled debut album and 2011’s ‘Before I Go Go EP’. Delay Trees 2nd full length album Doze was released via Soliti in Autumn 2012.

Delay Trees return with their third full length album Readymade, which  was released in Finland in January 2014.

A few words from Delay Trees on their new album

” The few people who have heard ’Readymade’ have said it’s our best release yet and I have to agree with them.Recording and writing it was exceptionally easy. The songs basically wrote themselves. When we hit the studio we  just tried our best to copy the vibe of the first demos, trusted our intuition on everything and did very few takes on each song. We wanted to call the album ’Readymade’, since it felt very much like we had just found the songs instead of writing them. It’s like we had found a way to a mystical sphere of music that had overtaken us by surprise. After Doze’s dreamy soundscapes we’re glad we were able to create something different in the vein of the arpeggio laden jangly indie rock we’ve always loved. Playing together feels fresh once again and we’re very much looking forward to what lies ahead. “

The band have been tagged as dream-pop, cinematic pop, shoegaze, slowcore, postrock, ambient pop and indie rock. Delay Trees feel dream-pop comes closest to describe their sound.

Selected reviews for Readymade

Sounds Better With Reverb “‘Readymade’ is for the most part a sedate affair, full of beautiful dreamy pop tunes lashed with delay and reverb.”

When You Motor Away ”On Readymade, their third album, Delay Trees display a remarkable ability to create songs that are rich in texture yet melodically light.”

Beardfood (Review, 7/10) (Interview in Finnish)

Nordic Vibes ”This is an album where the sounds fit together. It makes sense. It makes me grateful. And it makes me want more.”

All Scandinavian (Perfect Heartache)

Austin Town Hall (Perfect Heartache) “I liked their last album, but if they keep writing such incredibly well-crafted tunes like the one below, then I’ll surely declare my love when it hits the streets.”

Prefix Mag (Perfect Heartache)

Largehearted Boy (Daily Downloads) (Perfect Heartache)

Ja Ja Ja (Perfect Heartache)

Pretty In Noise (Interview in German)

White Tapes (Review in German)

Jungle Indie Rock (Perfect Heartache)

Glue (Perfect Heartache)

Pretty In Noise (Review In German)

One Chord (Perfect Heartache)

The Dadada (Perfect Heartache)

Gimme Indie (Perfect Heartache)

Es Demasiado Para Mi Cabeza (Review in Spanish)

Radio Helsinki (Interview in Finnish)

God Is In The TV (Track Of The Day) (Perfect Heartache)

Man On The Moon (Review in Portuguese)

Pop Is On Fire (Perfect Heartache)

Music Non Stop (review in Portuguese)

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow (Review in Spanish)


Reviews for Doze

Sue : 9/10

Soundi : 4/5 (+interview) :5/5

Levy Päivässä : 9.3/10

NRGM : 78/10

Nordische Musik : 5/6

Austin Town Hall 3.5/5 4/5

Perfect Midnight World “Highly recomended”

All Scandinavian ‘Doze’ is a great album, though, and will most likely be found on our Best Of list when that time comes”

Sue Lehti Critics 2012

indie 30 :

Safe & Sound

Rollig Stone Magazine Germany :

We Never Stood A Chance :

All Ears :

When You Motor Away :

One Chord To Another

Nordic Vibes

Dont Eat The Yellow Snow 7/10

The DaDaDa : 5/6 :

White Tapes :

White Tapes review :

PolarBlog :

Snipe “A beautiful, expansive piece of psychedelic kraut-rock from this emerging Finnish quartet.”

Beats Per Minute

The Maine Campus :

QRO Magazine “Doze is a fitting soundtrack of the warmer season withering into the imminent frigid days.  Rami Vierula’s solicitous pensive vocals drift through a dreamy soundscape of melancholia, clinging into a sliver of hope.”

YleX Radio (listen Interview)

Radio Helsinki Album Of The Week

Lie In The Sound



Soliti Shop is go!

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Soliti T Shirts and heavy duty Canvas Bags are available from the Soliti Shop now! Order t-shirt 15€ Order Canvas Bag 10€ Also our latest album release is available: Sister Flo’s Tragician’s Hat Anniversary Edition… …along with all our other releases (each purchase includes immediate album download)                Click the album […] more

Dates For Your Diary

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Some live shows featuring Soliti artists to look forward to. Get your diaries out! Astrid Swan 26.09. Gloria, Helsinki (+Black Twig) 10-12.10. Höstfest, Jyväskylä Big Wave Riders 16.10. Lost In Music Festival, Tampere Black Lizard 14.09. 6. linja, Helsinki (+Pink Mountaintops) 01.10. Malmitalo, Helsinki Black Twig 06.09. Festival Días Nórdicos, Madrid, Spain 10.09. MTV Push […] more

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