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Manna’s Blackbird album out now


Manna‘s brand new album Blackbird finally arrives. The album is released in Finland today (24th October).

Manna: Blackbird (Soliti/Lumikki 030) Release date: 24.10.2014

  • 1. Blackbird
  • 2. Mobile
  • 3. Troublebirds
  • 4. Cripple woman’s waltz
  • 5. Winter’s song
  • 6. Heartbeat II
  • 7.  Your brittle bones are meant to shake
  • 8. Heartbeat I
  • 9. Reform / Outro

Pick up a copy from the following outlets:

Initial response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive! You can read various reviews, articles: (album of the week 4/5), Soundi, Aamulehti 4/5, Ja Ja Music, Austin Town Hall, Line Of Best Fit, Image 4/5, Sue, Gloria, Radio Helsinki Album of the week, Nordic Playlist, Olivia, Le Cool, Rumba, Teosto to name a few…Listen to Manna interviewed about Blackbird at Radio Helsinki and Yle Puhe.

Upcoming shows:

More info on Manna from: website, Facebook, twitter, instagram & soundcloud.


Photo Chris Vidal.

Introducing: Oceans

ep cover big
ep cover big

Oceans is the alias by which 19yr old Efe Tekkanat delivers his homespun tales of  yearning and life. Efe had tried honing a songwriting style via former punk band BlindSide. Moving on from punk led Efe to Ableton Live, which in turn became an avenue for Efe to channel his style and deliver short electronic songs that best showcased his songwriting. Thus, Oceans was born.

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