Black Lizard


Helsinki based Black Lizard fuse hypnotic rock music with primitive psychedelia and 1970s proto-punk.

To some the band sound a bit like a modern version of neo-psychedelic classics such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3 or BRMC. In the last couple of years Black Lizard have played a plethora of diverse live shows, during which they’ve managed to create their own distorted signature sound. Black Lizard released their debut EP in September 2012.

Black Lizard‘s self titled debut album was released on the 5th April 2013 (on cd, vinyl & digital) via Soliti. Recording sessions had taken place between Helsinki and Berlin with the participation of amongst others, Anton NewcombeBlack Lizard‘s debut has got us very excited. To add the required final piece of the puzzle the self-produced album was mastered by Sonic Boom at New Atlantis Studios.

Paltsa-Kai Salama: Vocals, Guitar
Joni Seppänen: Guitar, synthesizer
Lauri Lyytinen: Bass
Onni Nieminen: Drums, percussions

Helsingissä vuonna 2010 perustetun Black Lizardin soinnissa yhdistyvät hypnoottinen rock-musiikki, primitiivinen psykedelia sekä 1970-lukulainen protopunk.Jotkut ovat sanoneet yhtyeen kuulostavan Brian Jonestown Massacren, Specemen 3:n ja BRMC:n kaltaisilta modernin rockin hämärämmän laidan klassikoilta. Viime vuosina runsaasti keikkaillut bändi onnistuu kuitenkin luomaan juuri itsensä kuuloisen, säröisen ja tunnistettavan äänimaiseman. Black Lizard julkaisi debyytti EP:nsä syyskuussa 2012.

Paltsa-Kai Salama: Laulu, Kitara
Joni Seppänen: Kitara, syntetisaattori
Lauri Lyytinen: Basso
Onni Nieminen: Rummut, perkussiot


Prefix Magazine “ For all you fans of raw fuzzy seduction à la Love and Rockets and The Jesus and Mary Chain, add Black Lizard to your collection.”

Trip Inside This House “A certain contender for Best Of lists when the year is looked back on and thoroughly reviewed.“

Crumb “One of the best groups of the North European scene today”

WYMA “In my opinion, Black Lizard is a very impressive debut — a nine-track statement that there is a new guitar rock band that intends to leave their mark.”

JaJaJa Music “mixed with that 80’s classic, shoegaze, expertly blending the two genres to produce this slice of stoner heaven”

Austin Town Hall Black Lizard clearly are defining a sound all their own, making this an effort worthy of your time. You want post-rock? Shoegaze? Psychedelia? It’s all here”

Crack Magazine “ It’s a gloriously constructed collection which ingests the ageless psych template whole, reemerging as woozily potent as ever.”

All Scandinavian “A massive debut and a really great album.”

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