Dates For Your Diary

Soliti bands on the road again, check out some dates for your diary.

Astrid Swan

Photo by Tekla Vály

Photo by Tekla Vály

9.6. Sideways Festival, Helsinki

10.6. Saariblues, Tampere

1.7. Provinssi, Seinäjoki

22.7. Alppipuisto, Helsinki

28.7. Meidän Festivaali, Järvenpää/Tuusula

13.8. Flow Festival, Helsinki

09.09 Savoy Theatre, Helsinki

30.9. TTT-Klubi, Tampere

7.10. G Live Lab, Helsinki

Astrid Swan‘s latest album From The Bed And Beyond is out now.

Black Twig

Photo by Juho Hänninen

3.6. G Livelab, Helsinki

Black Twig‘s recent Blaze On A Plain album is out now.

Cats Of Transnistria

7.7. Club ALT, O’Oconnel’s, Tampere

8.7. Grillin’ Fest, Tampere

Cats of Transnistria are currently working on the follow-up to debut album Divine.

Delay Trees

Photos by Pasi Vähänen

Photo by Pasi Vähänen

6.7. Henry’s pub, Helsinki

Delay Trees 4th album Let Go is out now.

Love Sport

17.6. Sir Oliver, Helsinki

Love Sport‘s debut album, Dull Tracks is out now.


Photo by Heidi Soikkeli

5.7. Depo, Riika (LV)

7.7. Swampfest, Vilna (LT)

3.8. Henry’s pub, Helsinki

26.8. Tussurok, Tuusniemi

Mumrunner are working on new tracks and returning to Europe this Autumn for shows.

The Duplo!

Photo by Nauska

21.7. Bar Loose, Helsinki

The Duplo!‘s triple EP reissue, FULL SPEED, NO BRAIN – THE 7″ SINGLES COMPILATION is out now.

The Holy

Photo by Annukka Pakarinen

9.6. Sideways Festival, Helsinki

23.6. Stadin Juhannus

9.7. Ruisrock, Turku

15.7. Uusi Tampere, Tampere

16.7. Ilosaarirock, Joensuu

4.8. Pannuhuone, Kuopio

5.8. Kaupungin Äänet, Lahti

11.8. Flow Festival, Helsinki

The Holy‘s More Escher And Random Notes EP is out now.

Sonic Visions

24.6. Stadin Juhannus 2017

Sonic Vision‘s Lost In Between EP is out now.

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