Soliti Summer Stock Sale!

Selected CDs and Vinyl are available from Soliti Shop at nice prices. Quantities are Ltd, so please be quick!

Astrid Swan – Astrid4 Vinyl 10€, CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

Astrid4 is a collection of 8 songs that you will struggle to get out of your head for many reasons, but mainly because of one – the voice. Or to capitalise it, The Voice.” –Close Watch Music

Astrid Swan – Hits (Pavement For Girls) CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

“…after listening to the track “Box Elder,” it’s safe to say that Astrid Swan has another cracking album on her hands. Hits (Pavement for Girls) is exactly what the title hints at – a Pavement covers album.” –Bubble Gunked

Black Lizard – S/T CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

“It’s clear when listening to Black Lizard that they bear the touchstones of many acts, but their self-titled debut sees the group creating something entirely their own; it’s an album with diverse sound that will please any listener.” –Austin Town Hall

Black Twig – Heliogram CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

“It is a big, bold, room-filling sound that demands well-crafted song structures, and fortunately, Black Twig fully delivers on that score.” –When You Motor Away

The New Tigers – The Badger Vinyl 10€, CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

“Billed as a simple record full of catchy choruses, sweet solos, tinkling glockenspiel and wonky vocal melodies, this offers up a nostalgia trip for past followers of acts like Pavement, The Pastels, Galaxie 500 or even early Charlatans.” –Indie London

Big Wave Riders – Life Less Ordinary CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

“Bändin debyytti Life Less Ordinary lunastaa suurelta osin kaikki hieman hämmästyneet odotukseni. Kymmenen biisiä 36 minuutissa, ja jokaisessa raidassa paistaa aurinko.” –NRGM

Paperfangs – Past Perfect CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

Past Perfect is an enchanting album with hints of eighties electronica & elements of early New Order, all packaged around half-spoken half-sung male vocals with occasional female backing.” –Louder Than War

Delay Trees – Doze CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

Doze, is an ethereal and atmospheric escape from pop-conventionality, with drifting, moody compositions freely flowing from the start of the album to its completion. ” –Amp Kicker

Gim Kordon – Ei Ole Helppoo Vinyl 10€, CD 3€ (+ postage and package)

Ei ole helppoo on virkistävintä kotimaista musiikkia hetkeen. Gim Kordonin sointi on samanaikaisesti tuttua ja turvallista, mutta myös uutta ja tuoretta. Rosoinen ja rujo ulkokuori kätkee alleen mystistä kauneutta, jota ei voi nähdä, jos keskittyy tarkastelemaan musiikkia vain pintapuolisesti” –Maitohotelli

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