Year End Review Part 2: Albums, EP’s & singles

It’s been more than a productive year at Soliti . We’ve been overwhelmed at times with the volume of material we’ve released. Find below streaming links, press quotes and more of what we’ve ‘officially’ put out in 2014.

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Delay Trees: Readymade (Soliti 019) Release date: 10.01.2014

An album cloaked in a mist that is neither from a melting iceberg nor a steaming hot spring, Delay Trees continue to refine and evolve their pensive dream pop on Readymade. Prefix

Black Twig: Heliogram (Soliti 021) Release date: 14.02.2014

‘Heliogram’ leaves you with an impulsive want to utter the word “great” All Scandinavian

Gim Kordon: Ei Ole Helppoo (Soliti 024) Release date: 09.05.2014

This all felt awesome and totally relevant in 2014. One Chord To Another

Sister Flo: Tragician’s Hat Anniversary Edition (Soliti Retro 001) Release date: 11.09.2014

If there were any justice in the world, Tragician’s Hat would be recognised worldwide as a classic album of its time. Even The Stars

Manna:  Blackbird (soliti 030) Release date: 24.10.2014

She’s been described as a cross between Patti Smith and Charlotte Gainsbourg which doesn’t quite do justice to her incredible vocal delivery, which resonates with the same jazz flecks that made Amy Winehouse such a wonderful proposition. The Line Of Best Fit


Black Lizard: Burning (Soliti 027) Release date: 11.08.2014

Black Lizard are one of the stand out bands of the European psychedelic scene… they pool together their influences and own creative flair to produce stunning works of cerebral fuckery: 4/5  thnksfrthrvw

Oceans: Oceans EP (Soliti 031) Release date: 31.10.2014

“The entire record overflows with irresistible electronic hooks, driving paces and Efe’s confident, soulful vocals” Ja Ja Ja

Ghost Of Jack Nance: My Heart Sings– (Soliti 032) Release date: 28.11.2014

“I love this record, and if you crave a fresh twist on TJ&MC approach, I expect you will as well.” When You Motor Away

LOVE SPORT: GOL!! EP (Soliti 033) Release date: 12.12.2014

Love Sport have a distinct identity, writing clever songs which appear at times consciously raw sounding, offbeat and slightly unconventional, but that all come together quite naturally in ‘GOL!!’ to form 5 great individual Indie tracks. Nordic Music Review


We’ve released many singles this year. You can stream all the official releases via this special soundcloud playlist. Some marvelous single cover artwork below!

Good Nigth Single Covermobile_digicover15001500delay_trees_fireworks_single_covergkunelmasummerslowdown_cover_LARGEtroublebirds_digicover800x800black-bear-72res10376272_10152250886233337_5785848594603202162_nSister Flo_THE LOOK_single coversingle_naturecalling_300resThe_Trap_2400x2400_Digitalartworks-000076037341-kw8f16-t500x500