Knife Girl rounds off 2021 with a “Whisper”

Lili Aslo brings a new sound to Knife Girl

Following last month’s OONA EP, the ever prolific Knife Girl sees out 2021 with new single “Whisper” – and introduces a more organic approach to previous Knife Girl releases. “Whisper” is a long time favourite song of Lili Aslo (Knife Girl), originally written and recorded by Himera and JEL: The Digital Dream Girl. While the original was a Y2K-influenced trance track, Aslo now injects her version with an arrangement that takes the track out of electronic environs into an exciting clash of guitars, synths and a groove enthused with layered energy. 
‘Whisper” is released via Soliti on the 3rd December, 2021.

Listen to “Whisper”

Written by Daniel Masterov and Jada Paige.
Additional Lyrics by Lili Aslo.
Produced by Knife Girl.
Arranged by Knife Girl.
Recorded by Knife Girl and Nick Triani
Mixed by Knife Girl.
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova @Bova Lab
”Whisper” sleeve by Noah Wingren

Knife Girl: Vocals, BVs, Guitar.
Eetu Tuominen,Laura Salmenkallio, Anttoni Hill: Guitars
Kalle Kauranen: Bass
Joona Kinnunen: Drums and percussion.
Aapo Tapio Soulanto: Synths
Reko Kälkäjä: Piano


“I’ve been wondering if people will keep up” Interview via Soundi

“Putting even greater emphasis on the live sound and grooves of good old disco, the artist demonstrates new facets of her talent, and it is absolutely impossible to resist the energetic guitars and moving funky bass.” DJ Mishka

“This song is a groovy-pop gem” The Sun Died Twice This Monday

“It retains the ethereal, out-of-this-world quality of the original, but adds a homely feel to it. You can tell the band had fun in the studio!” Loudness

“Whisper” was also featured at Niche Music

“…no one else in Finland does this kind of mood.” Päivän Biisit

“There’s something about the soundscape that is not only so catchy and fun, but also so marvelous and mesmerizing as it provides the perfect serving of musical ambrosia.” Wolf In A Suit

“There is a strong punk-funk feeling about the resulting song, but underpinned with synths and clattering drums that create a loose, natural feeling” Black Plastic.

Best Domestic Songs of 2021, Rony Rex @YleX


Knife Girl by Juno Miela

In February 2022 Knife Girl will perform at Lumi Festival, located in Northern Finland’s Ruka, close to the Arctic Circle. Read more here

Knife Girl released her debut EP Metro, in June of this year. Catching the attention of tastemakers such as Wonderland, Earmilk, Dummy, BBC Radio 1 and many others – all noted a serious talent had arrived. November’s 10 track OONA EP further cemented Knife Girl’s growing reputation as a producer and songwriter of adventurous sonic endeavours replenished with special melodic gifts. “Whisper” finds Knife Girl once again exploring new terrain, adding more twists to her musical accomplishments thus far.

Knife Girl by Juno Miela

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