Color Dolor announce new album Blurry Things – share single “Underwater”

Blurry Things arrives via Soliti on the 26th November 2021

Color Dolor announce their fourth long player, Blurry Things which arrives via Soliti on the 26th November 2021. The duo of Color Dolor,  Stina Koistinen and Leissi say the new record was a culmination of ideas that felt spontaneous. “First takes. Unfinished. Not overproducing, or overthinking, not rehearsing. Trying to leave things as they first came out, demo like.” explains Leissi. Stina continues “Mainly we wanted to make fragile and humane music with elements of vocals, guitars and electronics. We wanted to keep first takes, flaws, noises that may have come that we didn’t plan or wish for. We wanted to keep it alive and breathing. The name of the album, Blurry Things, was a carrying theme throughout the album making process. Most things in our world are blurry.” 

Listen to “Underwater”

Music & Lyrics by Color Dolor
Music production by Leissi, Co-production by Artturi Taira and Stina Koistinen
Recorded by Leissi
Music mixed by Paavo Malmberg and Mastered by Tommi Langen
Leissi: Bass, Synth, Drums, Programming
Stina: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Single Cover by Stina Koistinen

With the album announcement comes a new single – “Underwater”. Of the new single Stina tells us “We were working on the track and I was trying to write something fancy and poetic about water. This was during lockdown and I was struggling with anxiety and lack of inspiration. Leissi suggested writing from that standpoint and the feelings I had that day. The track transformed from an abstract thing about everything and nothing into a more personal pop song.” “Underwater” is released on the 24th Sept. 2021


“Color Dolor are one of the best domestic indie bands.” Päivän Biisit

“I was hooked the moment this pulsing note opens the new single from Finland’s Color Dolor; it’s got this driving nature, yet evolves into this more thoughtful vibe…and that’s just one musical element here” Austin Town Hall

“I can’t think of many bands who write alternative dream pop in quite such a compelling and persuasive manner, just lock the doors, turn their music up loud and let yourself escape from the stresses of the world.” Nordic Watchlist

(Release date: 26/11/2021)

Blurry Things album sleeve by Stina Koistinen

  3. SHY
  7. PULPY
  8. IT’S OKAY
  10. ANDREA
  11. THE VOID

Album Credits:
Music & Lyrics by Color Dolor
Music production by Leissi, Co-production by Artturi Taira and Stina Koistinen
Music mixed by Paavo Malmberg and Mastered by Tommi Langen
Leissi: Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums, Percussion, Programming and Backing Vocs
Stina: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Synth, Piano

Color Dolor promo picture by Juha Ilmari Laine.

Earlier this Spring, Color Dolor afforded us an unbeknown taste of Blurry Things textures with the sunshine sounds of “Shy” – with it’s prescient video directed by regular collaborator Juha Ilmari Laine.

“Musically, this is hardly your typical pop song either, with its dramatic synth-orchestral bridge only a minute in, while Stina’s voice, which I’ve previously described as one of the most seductive in the music business, again rises to the occasion in a way that hardly anyone at Eurovision could hope to match. I guarantee this song will grow on you very rapidly.” Nordic Music Review

“a masterfully constructed summer song.” Desibeli

“Color Dolor release the world-class single Shy” Päivän Biisit

“Stina Koistinen and Nicolas ‘Leissi’ Rehn manage with “Shy” to write a wonderful melodic, melancholic and at the same time special summer song.” Mousiko kanali 105.1

Small Color Dolor bio

Color Dolor are an alternative pop group from Helsinki, Finland – in eternal search of magical songs. Their 3rd album Love won the prestigious Teosto Prize in 2019. Color Dolor have been busy collectively and individually since Love was released in 2018. As well as promoting that album, the duo have been involved in various projects over that time. Stina Koistinen released her very well received solo debut album Ikuisuus as Stinako – which nabbed a Nordic Music Prize nomination, as well as releasing new music with the band FRANK FRANK FRANK. Nicolas ‘Leissi’ Rehn has been arranging and performing live with Jesse Markin and Yona – both acts recently chart success stories in Finland. 

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