Astrid Swan sends a message of hope with “Luxuries” – watch now

New album D/other released 8th October 2021 via Soliti

Astrid Swan follows “Silvi’s Dream” and “Not Your Mom” with new single “Luxuries.” As with the previous singles, “Luxuries” is taken from the forthcoming long player D/other
“Luxuries” celebrates mundane things as the luxuries of life. In the face of her personal experience with metastatic cancer and the shared uncertainty with the on-going global pandemic, Swan sings that to be able to mourn is both a necessity and a luxury only afforded by time. The song articulates a message of hope and living life to the full despite difficult circumstances: to be hurt is to be human, to grieve is to heal. 


Video by Valreza Collective.

“Luxuries” music video depicts a day in the park with mothers and their children––a core theme of the album D/other. The luxurious video made by Valreza Collective explores how the everyday qualities of care overlap with dreams and play, and how the ideal is haunted by the presence of the sinister.

“Time and life are the resources we run out of first, the most treasured luxuries. This is very clearly about being ill, knowing death is near and living life to the fullest while idealizing the state where one does not worry about each day and season because it may well be the last.” Swan comments on “Luxuries.”

Listen to “Luxuries”


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“Redefining Maternal Ties With Astrid Swan on ‘D/other’” Astrid Swan interview with Noctis Magazine

“Astrid’s performance has a strong effect on the audience, which makes sense because of the energy she puts into it.” Lefuturewave

“The light and effervescent energy of her music creates a fresh and vivid alt-pop direction that compliments not only her sublime songwriting, but her bold and sweeping voice as well.” Beehive Candy

“A journey that reminds you that time and life are precious.” Higher Plain Music

“The light and bright atmosphere and the melody are core attractions.” Niche Music

“A great artist is one whose music is filled with truth. That transparency you seek as they tell their story, in a way that connects with your own life. That type of soul in the artistry is why music is leaned upon, during our trying times. That type of truth and soul is what blooms about Astrid Swan’s new song “LuxuriesHonk Magazine

“Astrid’s voice soaring over a bare bit of piano. Carefully, you can start to hear some accompaniment creep up from the distance, plucked strings and backing vocals; it helps to uplift the spirit, which sort of coincides with the thematic elements that course through this song” Austin Town Hall

“…this full of life beautiful song raises expectations for the forthcoming long player even more” Päivän Biisit

“..this song is hauntingly beautiful with an overflowing heart, a giving soul and open arms. Swan’s breathy vocals are timeless, the piano melody is earthily brilliant and the song itself will touch anyone with an open heart.” Listen With Monger

 “Astrid Swan’s new song tells us about how the most mundane things are eventually luxuries – like time, for example.” Alice & June/Rosvot 

“A perceptive and incisive songwriter and lovely vocalist, new music from Swan always is a cause for excitement around WYMA HQ. “Luxuries” is no exception, expressing a positive outlook and celebration of the moment in the face of life’s uncertainties.” WYMA

“….the warm and soaring new offering “Luxuries.”” Fox Magazine

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Pre-save D/other

Astrid Swan D/other album sleeve

Silvi’s Dream
Not Your Mom
True Love
Joking After the Apocalypse
In the Woods
Tragedy & Art

Composition and lyrics: Astrid Swan
Vocals, bvs, piano, acoustic guitar – Astrid Swan
Guitars –Mikael Hakkarainen
Horns, keys – Johannes Salomaa
Drums – Alina Toivanen
Bass, bvs – Veli Kauppinen
Strings arranged and performed by Owen Pallett
Production: Astrid Swan
Recording: Mikael Hakkarainen
Additional recording: Astrid Swan
Mixing: Mikael Hakkarainen
Mastering: Philip Shaw Bova, Bova Lab Studio.

Discussing the themes of D/other Swan tells “I set out to write about mothering, being a daughter and a mother. I was informed by the simultaneous research process for my PhD which investigates maternal life writing in blogs and memoirs. The title D/other comes from this research. It is a mother/daughter in digital form, and as a trans-affirmative concept which argues that mothering is done by anyone who cares. In the music I wanted to explore sleeping and dreaming as states of unconsciousness which connect us to each other, to those who are dead and that which is in the future. I wanted to explore the logic of the liminal and intra-active, that which slides and transforms. In song writing I focused on clear, comforting and uplifting lines, kind of as always, trying to crystallize what I do melodically. In this case the lyrical depths are presented in comforting pop structures.” Astrid Swan 2021


7.10 Lost in Music, Tampere, Telakka
17.11. Sellosali, Espoo
19.11. Sammiosali, Lahti
24.11. Valve, Oulu
25.11. Malmi-talo, Helsinki
27.11. Tampere-talo, Tampere


Astrid Swan photo by Valreza Collective

Astrid Swan bio
Astrid Swan is a songwriter, performer and a writer. Between 2005 and 2020 she has published six solo albums as well as a series of collaborative releases. Swan’s solo albums have been released in Finland, USA, England, Germany and Scandinavia. Over the years she has performed her music on many tours in Europe and the USA. Her sixth solo album From the Bed and Beyond won the prestigious Teosto Award  in 2018. The album was shortlisted for the Nordic Music Prize and was also nominated at the Emma Awards (her second nomination for a Finnish Grammy.)
Swan’s songs draw from the American songbook of singer/songwriters, blending pop structures with a cold weather poetry of the North. Accompanying herself with piano she exists on the precipice of pop and art. Her lyrics combine to strive for emotional accuracy with poetic storytelling. The result is the feeling of being comforted through hell. Swan writes, produces, records and mixes her music. Over the years Swan has collaborated with a diverse group of artists and creatives: Jimi Tenor, Otto Donner, Emmi Kujanpää, Aamu Song, Nick Triani, Adel Abidin, Stina Koistinen, Owen Pallett, Koko Hubara, Timo Wright. Her latest release was the SWAN/KOISTINEN EP (Soliti) from 2019, a collaboration with singer Stina Koistinen (Color Dolor) and the Canadian violinist/composer Owen Pallett. In April 2019 Swan published a memoir Viimeinen kirjani. The Finnish language essay collection touches on her personal experiences of mothering, artistic development, chronic illness – analysing them in the context and structures of feminism, whiteness, Finnish and American cultural confluence.

Solo Discography
Poverina (2005) (Delphic/Minty Fresh/Soliti)
Spartan Picnic (2008) (Johanna Kustannus)
Better Than Wages (2009) (Johanna Kustannus)
Hits (Pavement for Girls) (2011) (Soliti)
Astrid4 (2014) (Soliti)
From the Bed and Beyond (2017) (Soliti)

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