Pink Chameleons share the turbo sax grind of “Slow Me”

Debut album Peace & Love out 21st May 2021 via Soliti

Pink Chameleons share another cut from forthcoming album Peace & Love –  the menacing riff laden turbo sax grind of “Slow Me.” Paltsa-Kai Salama from Pink Chameleons comments on the track “This is our attempt to write a grunge song but we had to ruin it with the beautiful saxophone played by Jussi Hurskainen.”


Paltsa-Kai Salama – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Antti Sauli – Bass
Kimmo Godtfredsen – Drums, percussion
Jussi Hurskainen – Saxophone

“Slow Me” follows the first taste from Peace & Love – the well received “Hot Dog” that debuted last month. Peace & Love has 10 tracks that could loosely fit the genre of garage rock and perhaps a new one; artsy-psych. Heavy riffs mix with wailing sax and taught proto-punk to create a thrilling mix of often disparate elements. Peace & Love was recorded in a small warehouse studio at Roihupelto, Helsinki by Teemu Hietaniemi (FUN) during fall 2020 and early 2021. Band leader Paltsa-Kai Salama tells us of the album “I have always loved and played garage punk but the last five years or so I wanted to explore also a more mellow and arts-y sounds so in a way this is a kind of a return to my roots. Lyrically the album is dealing with a lot of frustration, anger and boredom. All those random feelings can be expressed quite easily with the aggressive sound of garage punk. I’m a lazy dude so it was quite an easy option”

“Slow Me” will be available from Bandcamp and Soundcloud 6th May

“…you can’t run from those opening riffs! But, as evidenced by the brash strut of the saxophone and the effects of the vocals, you can tell the band aren’t here to rehash anything in particular; they’re building their own sound, something akin to what leader Paltsa-Kai calls “arty-psych.” ATH

“But ‘Slow Me’ is without question up there with anything I can remember, and unusually it mixes grunge rock with sax, which I can’t recollect many other bands trying either – although I’m more than happy to be corrected. It’s the quality of that solo that stands out too, which courtesy of Jussi Hurskainen is introduced just when you’d expect a guitar solo, and positively bellows out a sound that really puts the guitars firmly in their place.” Nordic Music Review

Pink Chameleons : Peace & Love (Soliti 089)
Release date: 21st May 2021

  1. Death By Bliss
  2. Dead End Life
  3. Run And Hide
  4. Spacedog
  5. Hot Dog
  6. Horsewalk
  7. Pink Crush
  8. Dog
  9. Slow Me
  10. Rainy Days

Paltsa-Kai Salama – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Antti Sauli – Bass
Kimmo Godtfredsen – Drums, percussion
Backing vocals on “Run and Hide” by Tytti Roto
Saxophone on “Pink Crush” and “Slow Me” by Jussi Hurskainen
Backing vocals on “Hot Dog” by Joni Seppänen
Music/lyrics Paltsa-Kai Salama
Music arranged by Pink Chameleons
Recorded by Teemu Hietaniemi, overdubs by Harri Homi and Paltsa-Kai Salama
Mixed by: Paltsa-Kai Salama
Mastered by: Jari Suominen
Cover art by HONK!

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Last month Pink Chameleons released the first taste from Love & Peace – “Hot Dog”

“It’s all fuzzy riffs and nods to power pop hooks that leave you with anthemic sing-along choruses you won’t get out of your head.Austin Town Hall

” Garage paukkaa tuttuun tapaan, eikä sinkulle kerry mittaa kuin hädin tuskin kaksi minuuttia, mutta oleellinen kyllä välittyy siinäkin ajassa.”

“Helsinki based threesome who rumble through the inteNsity that the best of garage fuzz has to offer, whilst allowing the slightest melodic intent to just about permeate the surface. Glorious fuzz !” Jangle Pop Hub

“Rokkiosastolla aina mainio Pink Chameleons julkaisi ihanan kellarirallin Hot Dog” Päivän Biisit


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