New Silver Girl share videos for ‘Calling Cards’ and ‘Alms’

The new videos round-off the release campaign for New Silver Girl’s s/t debut album from 2018

New Silver Girl released their self-titled debut album in October 2018 and now share the final material from the album in the form of two new music videos, directed by filmmaker and Ivana Helsinki‘s Paola Suhonen. Since the release of their debut album, New Silver Girl have toured across several continents promoting their self-titled debut release including shows in Japan, USA, mainland Europe and Russia. The album was produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Hinds) in Hansa Studios, Berlin.

Watch the videos below with comments from News Silver Girl’s main man Olli Happonen.

”There was a time when my second home was at the screening of the Finnish film archives in Orion film theatre in Helsinki. It was a time before they ruthlessly took the screenings away and destroyed the existential experience of watching. ‘Alms’ is a song about that experience and it’s dedicated to Luis Buñuel and his masterpiece Viridiana.” 

Video by Paola Suhonen
Shot on glorious Super16mm film with one take and no unnecessary cuts
Starring Olli Happonen and shelter dog Mauri
Song and lyrics by Olli Happonen
Produced by Gordon Raphael
Recorded at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin

”The basic structure of the song dates back to early 2010’s. The songs lyrics arrived just a few days before the recordings at Hansa studios. The lyrics twisted the John Denverish vibe of the song into a darker piece of music. The freezing video underlines this metamorphoses: The summer of West Virginia turned into Finnish winter of minus 20 degrees.”

Video by Paola Suhonen
Song and lyrics by Olli Happonen
Produced by Gordon Raphael
Recorded at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin

Selected reaction to the album:

“It’s an album that’s all over the map, but in the best of ways, turning and exploring within the confines of these ten tracks; it sounds like a best of rock n’ roll soundtrack.” – Austin Town Hall

“The album unspools like a romp through the ’70s up to today, and it is vibrant, fun, and superbly crafted.” – When You Motor Away

“Running on a ridiculously catchy, sinuous bassline and a motorik beat, the Berlin-bound “Starlight City” by New Silver Girl is my night train to nirvana.” – super world indie tunes

“Finland’s New Silver Girl have an innate sense and gift for Rock and Roll.” – It starts with a birthstone… 

“Fans will have the melodies established in Love Is Like a Goldmine bounce around their brains for years to come.” – Neu Futur

“proto-punk/motorik/psych rock” – Indie 30

“Ten tracks in all that are filled with catchy hooks, riffs and guitar solos. The songwriting is going to pull you in. The more you listen the more hypnotic it all becomes” – The Music Below

“These influences from wonderful artists make a great album in its own right, that doesn’t bow to anyone. In the midst of all this plasticity, New Silver Girl serves up a nice un-tuned, rocky and primitive indie rock!” – Päivän Biisit

Listen to New Silver Girl’s self-titled debut album:

New Silver Girl are:

Vocals and guitar – Olli Happonen
Guitar – Samuli Sulku
Bass – Ilmo Cantell
Drums – Niilo Suihko