A seasonal round-up of what Soliti has released in 2019.

In an ever changing life landscape we’ve had a really fine time in 2019 bringing you some of our favourite music. We’ve introduced a lot of new artists and debut releases this year via Soliti; Pink Chameleons, Swan/Koistinen, Local Al and Stinako. We released the debut EP from Ocelot and the third album from Cats of Transnistria. In late August we had a fun day by the sea of Helsinki with our latest Soliti Fest. Color Dolor won the prestigious Teosto Music Prize, for the second year running a Soliti release was top of the pile.

Amongst all the other vagaries of releasing music a big thank you has to go to everyone who has supported the label this year. Primarily the artists and bands who make up our label family – Soliti exists for them and they shape everything we do. Everyone who bought a record, came to a show or wrote about Soliti releases for various publications and sites all over the world, we are very grateful to you for getting the music out there.

A special thanks goes to Eemeli and Kasper who have worked so hard and diligently behind the scenes.

2020 continues our mission statement; the new album form our latest Soliti label signings Pintandwefall arrives in January. We’ll also have new music from Ocelot, Verandan, LOVE SPORT, Black Twig, Local Al, Astrid Swan and some other surprises. Stay tuned.

Enjoy this year’s music below, best of lists to come before the twilight of 2019 hits. See you on the other side.

Soliti singles 2019 playlist

Find all the singles Soliti released throughout 2019 by  Pink Chameleons, Swan/Koistinen, New Silver Girl, Ocelot, Local Al, STINAKO, Cats of Transnistria and Pintandwefall. 

Videos for 2019

Some inventive and beautiful visuals starting with Iiro Tulkki’s stop motion graphics for Pink Chameleons debut single ‘Religion’, Paola Suhonen’ s Lynchian mood for New Silver Girl’s ‘Love Is Like A Goldmine’, Jaro Serlas iconic introduction to Local Al and ‘En luovuta’, Jaro Serlas & Aleksi Hornborg fuzzy visuals for Loc al Al’s punky ‘Selkään puukkoja’, Tekla Vály’s often stunning 17 minute film for Swan/Koistinen EP, Local Al’s human rights quoting ‘Meitä tarkkaillaan’, Paltsa-Kai Salama’s rain swept garden flowers in ‘Melting Face’, Local Al’s hymn to the environment ‘Maailma palaa’, Local Al’s one on one ‘Joskus on parempi olla aivan hiljaa’, Pia Koskimaa & Aleksi Pahkala’s Helsinki poster placing ‘Peilistä tuijottaa vanha mies’, Pia Koskimaa & Aleksi Pahkala again with Local Al’s moves on ‘Arlesin talvi’, Anna Brotkin’s intense and magical one shot take on STINAKO’s ‘Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä’, Pia Koskimaa & Aleksi Pahkala’s final split screen for Local Al’s ‘Läpi pimeän’ Pintandwefall’s Helsinki nightlife atmospherics on ‘Ah-Ah-Ah’ and finally Paltsa-Kai Salama’s colorful lyric video for Pink Chameleons ‘Reach Out’

Albums and EP’s

Ocelot : Mä voin ottaa sun ikävän pois (Soliti 072) Released April 12th 2019

“During these years I have been listening and thinking how the simplest elements give the strongest emotion when making music, texts or art. Such a cliché I know, however, sometimes it’s just like that.”

EP Cover by Sanna Lehto

“…with piano parts which I feel would still be being belted out even if the building was collapsing around the band, vocals which somehow carve out striking melodies, and musical arrangements that create a sound texture that I’ve not quite heard before. I hope everyone will give it a fair listen. “Nordic Music Review

Swan/Koistinen : EP (Soliti 073) Released May 3rd 2019

“Swan/Koistinen EP is an art pop symphony for two voices. The EP depicts life with chronic, incurable illness, and brings sick women’s experiences close to the listener through music.”

Photo by Tekla Vály

“An important work on multiple levels…a disorienting representation of the mental space between hopeful denial and crushing reality.” – Indie 30

Local Al : EP1 (Soliti 074) Released May 31st 2019

“Local Al’s quirky music combines a fascination with the singer-songwriter aesthetic combined with electronic moods, lo-fi indie/pop, dub, garage rock and even Local Al’s native Suomi-pop”

EP1 cover

“Allekirjoittanut todisti Local Alin levynjulkkarikeikan Helsingissä. Meno oli järisyttävän kovaa, joten kannattaa tsekata miehen livemeininki heti kun siihen tulee tilaisuus.”Takahuone

Local Al : EP2 (Soliti 075) Released August 31st 2019

“With EP2, Pahkala (Local Al) – known as a human rights activist – discusses the state of the world from a political and human rights perspective”

EP2 cover

“Indie rock vaikuttaa puskevan takaisin pintaan pehmeän soundikakun sisältä ja hyvä niin, sillä Pahkala on kiistatta vahvuusalueellaan.”Desibeli

STINAKO : IKUISUUS (Soliti 076) Released November 1st 2019

“With universal themes of loneliness, otherness, leading a hermit life whilst celebrating the beauty of life and nature – Ikuisuus revels in a natural honesty that puts voice and song – combined with spare instrumentation – first and foremost”

“Ikuisuus” album cover (c) Heli Blåfield

“STINAKO on Koistisen soolo-projekti, jonka ensimmäinen levy tekee sen taas jo ensi kappaleesta alkaen – rämettyneen suistoni virtaavat, hengitän. Levy on kaunis, heleä, syvä tutkielma yksinäisyyttä, odotusta, ovia ja kuolemaa – ihmisyyttä. Pääroolissa ovat piano ja ääni – ja ehkä jotain pyhähköä.”Voima

Local Al : EP3 (Soliti 077) Released November 15th 2019

“…the EP’s themes are about loss, grief and dark places”

EP3 cover

Artwork by Local Al

“We should Enjoy life and celebrate with slightly angular and crooked indie pop hymns! Local Al is writing music for recalcitrant shrines and all those who want to become one!” –

Cats Of Transnistria : Aligning (Soliti 078) Released November 15th 2019

“Aligning offers Cats of Transnistria‘s signature sound of slowly building ethereal music with an evolved variety of styles and composition.”

“Aligning” cover by Hanna Malinen

“For many of us, music is escapism. We wrap ourselves in our headphones and let go of everything around us. Perhaps no one is better at creating that sonic cocoon than Finnish outfit Cats of Transnistria, especially once you delve into the depths of Aligning.” – Austin Town Hall

Pink Chameleons : Songs (Soliti 079) Released December 13th 2019

“But when someone asks I tend to say that we are a garage-blues-country band. But unfortunately we left all the bluesy and countryish numbers out of this EP for the next one, so go figure that out…”

Album cover by HONK!

“We play it often, and we play it loud. Consisting of six songs that ably display the band’s ability to thrill with garage and psychedelic rock, it has a spooky, slightly unsettled vibe and features top quality performances” WYMA

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