STINAKO releases new single – listen to ‘Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä’

STINAKO debut album Ikuisuus is out November 1st via Soliti.

Soliti is delighted to welcome a  new single from STINAKO – Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä’ is officially released 25th October. Following on from the enthusiastically received debut single ‘Kun Viimein Saavuit, Stina Koistinen (STINAKO) tells us of the new single  “This song was born under a state of exaltation, and I can’t get enough of it. I’m a preacher just for this tiny moment, and this is my favourite song. ‘Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä’ is a sermon on universal confusion. The moon rises tonight – the wonders that are here despite what we do”

STINAKO is the new solo project by the celebrated singer and songwriter Stina Koistinen, known for her bands Color Dolor and Swan/Koistinen among others. Her debut album Ikuisuus brings out a new, bold and private side of the artist.

‘Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä’ via Soundi

Initial reaction to STINAKO

“The melancholy sad song contains a rare depth in Finnish music, the mysteriousness of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, but also the palpable fragility, like the secret vulnerability of a strong woman singing alone in the middle of an empty church.” Päivän Biisit
“…when she hits the high notes towards the end the rawness and richness together are emotionally overwhelming. She simply has the knack of doing that.” God Is In The TV Zine
“Immediately the tone of the stately piano will hit you, melancholy and deliberate, and that throws all the intention on to those vocals, which are just phenomenal, intoxicatingly powerful but almost fragile at times, they soar to an extraordinary level, delivering a beautiful cascading melody that climaxes and fades. ‘Kun Viimein Saavuit’ is a simply stunning song.” Nordic Music Review
“…but I can easily sense the intensity of the feeling – and that power will lift this song high.” Desibeli

Ikuisuus album release party will be held November 21st at Sture Cafe Club in Helsinki, Finland.

STINAKO –  Ikuisuus (Soliti 076) Release date: 1.11.2019, vinyl release 15.11.2019

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STINAKO – IKUISUUS album cover / (c) Heli Blåfield

  • 1. Kun Viimein Saavuit
  • 2. Portit
  • 3. Kohtaaminen
  • 4. Kuu Nousee Tänäkin Yönä
  • 5. Valkoinen Kissa
  • 6. Ihoni On Pehmeä
  • 7. Katselen
  • 8. Ikuisuus
  • 9. Kuu On Siellä
  • 10. Muhju
  • 11. En Enää Pelkää Sadetta

All songs, vocals, piano & synths by Stina Koistinen
Produced by Stina Koistinen & Joonas Saikkonen
Recorded & mixed by Joonas Saikkonen
Saxophone on track 3 by Linda Fredriksson
Guitar on track 4 by Joonas Saikkonen

In our ever bustling, busy and overwhelming lives, it’s often the quiet, minimalist moments that gives us a sense of calm and sure perspective. In this regard the debut album from STINAKO, Ikussuus, is the perfect escape – a place to reflect and draw breath from the daily hurly burly. With universal themes of loneliness, otherness, leading a hermit life whilst celebrating the beauty of life and nature – Ikussuus revels in a natural honesty that puts voice and song – combined with spare instrumentation – first and foremost. STINAKO is the alter-ego of Stina Koistinen, celebrated songwriter and performer with the Helsinki based duo Color Dolor. Ikussuus shows us a new raw and uncompromising side to Stina’s music – aesthetically she has never sounded this stripped back or this vulnerable. Ikussuus is an almost complete solo expression, all songs written and all instruments and voices performed by Stina. The album was produced by Stina and Joonas Saikkonen, who also engineered and mixed the record. Linda Fredriksson brings saxophone to ‘Kohtaaminen’ while Joonas Saikkonen plays guitar on ‘Kuu Nousaee Tänäkin Yönä’


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