Local Al announces EP 3, ‘Peilistä tuijottaa vanha mies’ single/video out now

Local Al’s EP3 is out on November 15th  – the last of the EP trilogy themes are about loss, grief and dark places.

The first single off EP3 is ‘Peilistä tuijottaa vanha mies’, released October 18th. The song is about Local Al’s father who recently passed away – and the grieving process that followed. The sentiments of the song ring with the feeling that losing someone dear leaves a mark on anybody who’s forced to go through times of grief.

Local Al explains true feeling about the single...”Losing someone close to you can leave a mark and an enormous sadness is cast upon you whilst longing for the ones you’ve lost. In time, grief might turn into warm memories and the daily longing might turn into a friend you can’t live without.”

Directed by Pia Koskimaa & Aleksi Pahkala
Camera: Pia Koskimaa

Soundi premiered the ‘Peilistä tuijottaa vanha mies’ video earlier this week. 

Local Al : EP3 (Soliti 077) Release date: 15.11.2019

EP3 cover

Artwork by Local Al

  1. Arlesin talvi
  2. Läpi pimeän
  3. Peilistä tuijottaa vanha mies
  4. Mikä on vointi tänään?

Music, lyrics & all instruments: Aleksi Pahkala
Produced & mixed by Aleksi Pahkala at Anchor Studios, Helsinki
Mastered by: Philip Granqvist
Single cover image: Pia Koskimaa
Artwork: Local Al

18/10 Bar Kuka, Turku
16/11 Mascot, Helsinki

Some reaction to Local Al:
“Indie rock vaikuttaa puskevan takaisin pintaan pehmeän soundikakun sisältä ja hyvä niin, sillä Pahkala on kiistatta vahvuusalueellaan.” – desibeli.net
“Ihastuttavaa lofi-indietä tämä!” – Rumba
”Kannattaa tsekata miehen livemeininki, meno oli järisyttävän kovaa” – Takahuone
“The man makes it clear: We should Enjoy life and celebrate with slightly angular and crooked indie pop hymns! Local Al is writing music for recalcitrant shrines and all those who want to become one!” – Nordische-musik.de