Pink Chameleons release new single – listen to ‘Sundown’ now

Debut EP ‘Songs’  is released December 13th via Soliti

Pink Chameleons release the second cut form their forthcoming EP – ‘Sundown’ continues the intense yet melodic psych strain displayed on previous single ‘Melting Face’. Pink Chameleons Paltsa-Kai Salama tells us of the single –  “Sundown is a song that we have worked on for a while now. It’s a slow garage blues number that took time to reach it’s final form. Inspiration behind the song is a group of friends, gathered together at a haunted house in the hills. At sundown. In the late 1960s. The sun is going down and bad vibes are about to start going down.”  Sundown is officially released this Friday, 11th October.

Listen to ‘Sundown’ Now

Initial reaction to ‘Sundown’:

“Sundown is dark and spooky, tracing the weird happenings of a few unfortunates who just happen to be staying in a haunted house in the hills! ” The Listening Post Blog

“…the slow-burning garage brilliance of “Sundown”. Think Lou Reed and The Jesus and Mary Chain finding themselves in a haunted house when the sun goes down.” WYMA

“”In the recording of the vocals, you can hear this sort of howl, like the spirits turning notes into ghostly sounds that will haunt the friends. The fuzzy guitar buzz resonates, feeding the line between spirit world and those on the plane of Earth, blurring the lines as the psychedelic stop jangles through your speakers.” Austin Town Hall

Rumba, Kaaoszine


Pink Chameleons 2019

Pink Chameleons: Songs (Soliti 079) Release Date 13th December 2019

1. Sundown
2. Melting Face
3. Reach Out
4. Slime
5. Word Out
6. Blood Song

Paltsa-Kai Salama – guitar & vocals
Antti Sauli – bass
Ville Hopponen – drums, keyboards
Iiro Tulkki keyboards, percussion (tracks 3, 4)
All songs written and produced by Paltsa-Kai Salama. Arranged by Pink Chameleons. Cover art by Honk!
Mixed and mastered by Paltsa Kai Salama

Previous single ‘Melting Face’

“…I just love the sound of the guitars, with an earthy psychedelic rawness, and it just drives forward relentlessly.” – Nordic Music Review

“…it reminds us of The Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as frontman Paltsa-Kai Salama’s former outfit Black Lizard.  And that means we like it a lot.” – When You Motor Away

“It seemingly works against the driving pulse of the music beneath the surface, sort of raising the song’s spirituality before the effortless swagger of the verse comes into play; I like a good juxtaposition, in any form.” Austin Town Hall

“Nythän tämä vaikuttaa jo tosi lupaavalta, joten ollaan antennit superherkkinä tulevan EP:n tiimoilta.” –

“Ripaus psykedeliaa, iso läjä savuisesta autotallista kumpuavaa särökitaraa, eteenpäin boogien lailla rullaavaa rokkia ja vielä aimo annos hautausmaan takaa kaikuvaa surf-kitaraa!” – Päivän biisit 

Pink Chameleons are a new three piece band fronted by Black Lizard’s Paltsa-Kai Salama (Vocals & Guitar) with Antti Sauli (Bass) and Ville Hopponen (Drums, Keyboards). Pink Chameleons were formed in 2016 and posit themselves as a Garage/Blues/Country Band, those broad strokes could take in a Pink Chameleons feeling for everything from The Stooges to Waylon Jennings – with the band’s indelible contemporary stamp on proceedings.

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