Ocelot share their second single ‘Hämärä’

‘Hämärä’ is the first taste from their forthcoming debut EP due in 2019

Soliti is delighted to share the second single from Ocelot. ‘Hämärä’ is officially released on the 9th November 2018. ‘Hämärä’ ‘s warm and delicate textures reveal the first sounds from the debut Ocelot EP, which arrives next year.

“The song is a portrayal of the inevitability of something falling apart; the moment when everything crystallizes. The burning light blinds the view until the light smoothes down and a fragmented picture appears before you. It is time to move along.” Ocelot tell us. 

Listen to ‘Hämärä’ here

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Single cover art work by Maria Tasula www.mariatasula.com 

Ocelot spent the summer recording four tracks for their first ever EP at Porvoo’s Mankku studios. The EP was mixed by Cats of Transnistria guru Tuomas Alatalo.

Ocelot’s debut single ‘Sä et saa mua’ was released earlier this year and enjoyed the top five heights of Spotify’s Viral Finland chart. A re-recording of ‘Sä et saa mua’ will appear on the new EP.

Ocelot are a three-piece band from Helsinki that began as a solo project of Emilia Pennanen (Dinosauruxia). In late 2016 Emilia asked Satu Salminen and Johanna Järvinen to join the quest to go big or go home. This is when Ocelot saw the first night.

Musically the band combines rhythmic elements of piano, bass and drums, combined with dynamic vocals. This creates an intense and alluring atmosphere.

Initial reaction:

SWIT: Super World Indie Tune Of The Day“We are delighted to premiere Ocelot’s new single “Hämärä”, a song about endings and beginnings. With a devilishly carefree piano motif, melancholy vocals and percussion that echoes the crashing of the waves as you part at Twilight, it’s a visceral and remarkable song”.

Päivän Biisit: “Hämärä saattaa olla syksyn 2018 ennakkoluulottomin, kaunein ja häiriintynein kotimainen pop-single. Siinä missä moni kotimainen vaihtoehtoartisti seilaa syvällä tuhnuisessa lofi-estetiikassa, tarjoilee helsinkiläinen Ocelot samanlaista ilmavaa tulkintaa kuin kovasti Päivän biiseissä hehkutettu Lac Belot. Siinä missä Lac Belot tarjoilee tummia sulosointuja, haastaa Ocelot kuuntelijaa enemmän, mutta onnistuu hienosti.”

Soundi Premiere

Photo by Sanna Lehto www.sannalehto.fi

Ocelot – Hämärä

Lyrics by Emilia Pennanen

Written by Emilia Pennanen

Composed by Emilia Pennanen

Arranged by Emilia Pennanen, Satu Salminen, Johanna Järvinen

Piano and vocals: Emilia Pennanen

Drums and percussion: Satu Salminen

Bass: Johanna Järvinen

Mixing: Tuomas Alatalo

Mastering: Philip Granqvist

Recorded at Mankku.

The track has piano, vocals, drums, percussion and bass.

Photo by Sanna Lehto

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