The New Tigers share atmospheric new single ‘Spinoff’, play shows with Pia Fraus

‘Spinoff’ is a reworked track from their much loved album from this year, Do Xao.

The New Tigers new single ‘Spinoff’ will be released via Soliti on the 5th of November. The single is a reworked version of the same cut off Do Xao, an album that saw The New Tigers reinvent themselves artistically and search for the dance floor as much as the distortion pedal.

Listen to ‘Spinoff’

The New Tigers’ Appu Jasu describes the tune thus “’Spinoff’ is a song about the need to break free from conventions to get what you want. It’s also the funkiest New Tigers single to date — a holy matrimony of fuzzed out guitars, primitive drum machine beats, dreamy space-age keyboards and octivated rubber boots bass. The song really is a spinoff from another song, the unfinished ’Plane Song’. More successful than its original incarnation, just like the TV show Frasier.”

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What they’re saying about Spinoff’

When You Motor Away“it gives us the thump, tempo and funk that turns Monday morning into a club dance floor.”

Rumba had the premiere

Today/tonight/1979 “Género? Olvídalo, es pop, es dream-pop, shoegaze-dream-guitar-pop… Ponle como quieras, yo solamente digo que “Spinoff” y la obra de The New Tigers es una colección de amaneceres y tardes de invierno y una cruzada de amor por el refinamiento del pop.”


The New Tigers are currently on a short tour with Estonian indie stalwarts, Pia Fraus. Remaining live shows are:

9.11. Turku, Dynamo.

10.11. Helsinki, Loose.

“These guys have got a certain knack for writing beautiful pop songs. I listened and listened and wondered how to describe….but then it hit me, it’s like something The Carpenters could have done.” Super World Indie Tunes

“The resulting layered textures and the use of an array of vintage instrumentation serves to nourish songs created from a heady mix of pop genres (jangle, dream, old school, psych, twee, new wave and shoegaze) and filtered through both a 90s lens and nods to the original eras and movements that produced them.” Indie30

“I can say that Do Xao might contain some of the best song’s the group has written to date” Austin Town Hall

“Do Xao osoittautui lopulta hienoksi ja monivivahteiseksi albumiksi” Desibeli

“Tekniikka on tällä levyllä kuitenkin hyvä renki, sillä villeimmätkin ratkaisut tuntuvat luovilta ja palvelevat hienosti itse materiaalia. Tämänkin albumin hienous perustuu ennen kaikkea tarttuviin ja omaleimaisiin biiseihin”. KSML

“This is music saturated with joy and fun, which makes it just about irresistible.” When You Motor Away

Photo by Appu Jasu

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