Color Dolor share ‘New Moon’ video on the day of a New Moon

A timely release for Color Dolor’s new video ‘New Moon’

Color Dolor‘s well received Love album is a record of many textures. ‘New Moon’ represents another side of the richly rewarding album; pitched low voice, heart-felt plea and an incessant driving strum. It’s all so beautiful. The origins and ideas behind ‘New Moon’ add even more layers. Leissi from Color Dolor tell us:

“We recorded this track at 2 o’clock on a misty night on September the 20th – with the moon in the new moon phase. It is said that the new moon indicates the beginning of something new. The lyrics are based on a dream I had the night before the new moon. I wrote them down directly after waking up from the dream.
The video is inspired by an improvisation named “Independent movement” by Gesa and Alm.
We filmed this on a new moon night in January. It was -22c outside, and we filmed for one hour straight to get enough material. Our feet were still pretty sore a couple of weeks after the shoot”

Tonight there will be a new moon.

Concept: Gesa, Alm, Leissi Performers: Leissi, Alm, Gesa, Stina’s eye Edit: LeissiGrade and additional edit: Vertti Virkajärvi

‘New Moon’ is found on the new Color Dolor album Love released by Soliti and out now.

Some press reaction to LOVE

“This song has momentum. I can imagine the joyful cacophony this song will illicit in so many clubs (don’t get me wrong, I never go out). In summary, great tune, magnificent joie de vivre. Banger par excellence.” SWIT

“…but with a bit of a groove this means a broader musical style book. Love discovers piano pianists, electronic sounds, r & b as well as experimental sounds.” Soundi

“Anyway The Wind Blows is simply like Massive Attack meets Radiohead in both of their golden periods plus a bit of dub added. Genius. It makes no sense how good it is. That’s all there is to analyze.” Päivän Biisit

“Aion kuunnella tätä biisiä uudelleen ja uudelleen. Ihan sama mistä päin tuulee. Älkää uskoko Syklistin tai kenenkään muunkaan määritelmiin, vaan kuunnelkaa tämä.” Syklisti

“Ja niin ihana! Erityisesti korvia kutkuttaa dikidiki-väliosa” Rosvot

 “Adventurous and dynamic, yet intimate, the album looks at love at several levels and from several perspectives, but never fails to delight and entertain.” When You Motor Away

“Det gör att låten slutligen är väldigt intressant och kanske till och med reflekterar den enkla och upprepade låttexten “Anyway the wind blows” (vart än vinden vänder).”  HBL on Anywhere The Wind Blows

“Ehkä se on yhtyeen lisääntynyt rentous, leikkisyys, melodisuus, lähestyttävyys. Eikä tuo ole merkinnyt kunnianhimon tai rohkeuden katoamista.” Jukka Haarma

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