The New Tigers bring you ‘Do Xao’, their most playful album

The New Tigers mighty Do Xao album is with us today, available on digital and CD

Soliti is delighted to present the latest chapter in The New Tigers story; Do Xao, the third album, hitting your hearts today, 20th April.

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In the beginning of the year 2017, The New Tigers found themselves facing a question; whether to find a new drummer or to re-invent themselves as a creative trio for the new recordings? The latter option was chosen, and work begun on new songs in laboratorium-like circumstances. After months and months of playing, thinking, recording, joking around and shaping, a satisfactory sound was achieved. Once the working method was found, the remaining Tigers, Appu, Janne and Valtteri started properly recording Do Xao in August 2017. This time the recordings are less based on live playing in the studio but more on multi tracking and overdubbing, meticulously thinking through all the details. A method that has been in use in pop music since the 1950’s was a revelation to the band – affecting both song structure and sound textures.

New exciting sounds were found and new kinds of instruments, as well as old instruments used in new kinds of ways. Rhythm tracks were provided by humans and machines equally and mutually. Founding Tigers drummer Waltteri Katajamäki made a mini-comeback on a few songs, and some drum tracks were played by yo mama! The end result, New Tigers’ third album Do Xao is their most playful, colourful and experimental, but also the poppiest and most catchy music the band has yet produced.

Photo by Appu Jasu

The New Tigers talk Do Xao

“While recording “Do Xao” we became more like curious professors and less like a live rock band. We had a lot of fun in the process but also debated a lot. In the warmth of the summer we had a few good ideas and a faint vision of how it could sound. In the damp autumn some of the ideas decomposed and some of them continued to grow. The winter 2018 was spent inside a crazy creative cave having a very busy time. It’s great to have new music and great to be playing some live shows with our top new drummer Niko.”
– Valtteri

“We were not interested in one particular genre but wanted to search for something new so it was basically a jump into unknown waters. One of the core rules of The New Tigers has always been that we can do anything and it will still be The New Tigers – if we like it – so we wanted to live up to the name and do just that (rule #2 is there has to be something a bit silly 🐉). We did found some paddles and made our way to some wonderful places.” – Appu

Initial press reaction to Do Xao and related singles

 “These guys have got a certain knack for writing beautiful pop songs. I listened and listened and wondered how to describe….but then it hit me, it’s like something The Carpenters could have done.” –  Super World Indie Tunes

“Unisia synia ja kirpeitä kitaroita” – Soundi

The band are brandishing the best sort of casual pop, relaxed in style, yet filled with delicious melodies that captivate listeners. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this tune is its ability to continuously keep you interested by minor musical adjustments, turning the melody this way and that so as to provide more depth. The band’s attention to detail surely means their next LP will be a mesmerizing listen, so stay tuned! – Austin Town Hall

“The New Tigers erottuu muusta kotimaisesta (englanninkielisestä) indie-kentästä ollen  itsevarman omanlaisensa herkkä itsensä, rehellisyys ja ajattoman klassisen popkynän hallinta ovat myös aina läsnä”. –Päivän biisit

Interview via Bands of Tomorrow

“Ein lockerer Gitarren Popsong mit wunderbaren Synth-Harmonien und einer britischen Retro-Vibe.”  – 3Fach

“ロディの愛らしさとジャケのダサ具合、100点!” – Niche Music

“And just when you think this is the most structured set of songs from these cool northern cats, they bust out a track like “Three Shadows”, which makes one suspect that The Beta Band invaded Turku.  This is music saturated with joy and fun, which makes it just about irresistible.” – When You Motor Away

“Lopputuloksena on leikkisä, kokeellinen ja värikäs ollen kuitenkin tarttuvaa popmusiikkia.” – Rumba

“The sense of renewal at work on Do Xao in plain to see. The benefit of taking an organic approach has brought out a natural energy and vigour to the band’s songwriting which probably explains why it’s the most melodic and danceable set of tunes they’ve produced. As time and repeated listens will reveal, all of this has allowed the band to produce a style and sound all of their own, thrillingly celebratory in its scuffed up imperfections, yet respectfully measured, futuristically attuned and humbly assured”. Indie 30

The New Tigers : Do Xao (Soliti 068) Release date: 20.04.2018

Do Xao

  1. Tuesday Night
  2. Domino
  3. Fortuna
  4. Earth Dog
  5. Spinoff
  6. In The Tall Grass
  7. Nothing But Draining
  8. Three Shadows
  9. This Time Next Year

Written and produced by The New Tigers: Appu Jasu, Janne Kauppinen, Valtteri Virtanen. All instrument played by New Tigers, with additional instruments by Waltteri Katajamäki: drums on tracks 1, 4 and 9, and by Leif Elverstig: drum cameo on track 5. Recorded 8/2017-2/2018 at tiger studio, Studio Äänikuva and Ahti Academy. Recorded by Sami Lehtonen & Appu Jasu. Mixed and mastered by Appu Jasu.


Album launch show April 27th at Korjaamo Helsinki (+ Puunhalaaja)

Album launch show 9th May at Dynamo, Turku (+ Holmen & Codex)

Photo by Appu Jasu

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