The Duplo! share video for ‘She’s a Vegan’

The Duplo! is Rock n Roll EP drops via Soliti on the 25th May.

After sharing with you the first taste of The Duplo! is Rock n Roll EP with ‘September 10 – today we bring you another slice of high energy punk rock The Duplo! music in the form of ‘She’s A Vegan’.

Directed by: Pia Koskimaa & The Duplo!

Camera: Pia Koskimaa

The Duplo! reliably inform us: “‘She’s a Vegan’ was originally written in 1996 and was a fan favorite at live shows  –  but The Duplo! never released the track. As it was in the mid-90’s -the song is still golden and remains valid.” Word.

The Duplo! ‘She’s A Vegan’ is out now from the following select outlets

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As if that we’re not enough excitement, ‘September 10 b/w ‘She’s A Vegan’ was released last week on RSD and is available as a Limited edition 7” – handmade in Finland by Royal Mint RecordsThere were only 40 copies pressed – so be fast and check availability

Along with ‘She’s A Vegan’ comes the announcement of the brand new The Duplo! EP – The Duplo! IS Rock N Roll

The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP (Soliti 070) Release Date: 25.05.2018


  1. September 10
  2. She’s a Vegan
  3. Jansku
  4. All My Life
  • All tracks written by The Duplo!
  • Sävellys: Aleks Duplee, Lars Duplee, Waikiki No Tom Tom
  • Sanat: Aleks Duplee
  • Instrumentit:
  • Laulu, Kitara ja akustinen kitara (Jansku) : Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala)
  • Basso: Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä)
  • Rummut: Waikiki No Tom Tom (Jani Valpio)
  • Muu:
  • Recorded and produced by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
  • Mixed by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
  • Mastered by: Markus Leminen

It’s fair to say The Duplo! blazed a trail of punk rock-nirvana in the late 1990’s with the release of a series of EPs that were not only ground-breaking in their ’who gives a fuckness’ but reached outside cosy Finnish environs. In 2016 Soliti collected these EP’s/7” onto the thrillingly debauched Full Speed, No Brain – The 7″ Singles Compilation. Tellingly The Duplo! reconvened with the original line up for a series of shows to celebrate the re-issue.

Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala), Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä) ja Waikiki No Tom Tom (Wallu Valpio) didn’t put a stop to their reunion once the collection dates had been delivered. To the studio they went and delivered their first new sounds in 20 years. Here my friend you’ll find a new chapter of The Duplo!’s notorious existence = it’s 2018 and Soliti is delighted to bring you The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP.

A ltd edition vinyl 7inch of The Duplo! Rock n Roll EP is on pre-sale now

Photo by Pia Koskimaa

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