Take a drive in Turku with The New Tigers ‘Chewing Gum’ video

Lush in magenta, we enter the visual world of The New Tigers with the video for  ‘Chewing Gum’ 

Appu Jasu’s video for ‘Chewing Gum’ (the first track off 2016’s Vindication EP – Soliti’s 50th release no less),  takes us for an evening drive through the city of Turku, giving us glimpses from the band playing live, and later a view of the birdlife by the sea. Like the song, the video is layered in nocturnal shades of darkened pinks, greens, reds, and blues. The atmosphere visualizes itself in the video as a response to the guitar hooks, melodic synths, and the pacing of the song. Don’t fail to spot the sleeping cat on the rocks!

‘Chewing Gum’s lyrical themes express autobiographical concerns about this day and age. Appu Jasu also comments:

“I like the fact that the keyboard sound I play in the song is made of a sample of a wolf howling, so in a way it’s like a wolfpack singing in a choir… wolves and the struggle against the current. The live clips were shot from our gig at Dynamo, Turku in May 2016 by Kristiina Mäenpää.”

A third The New Tigers album is in the making, a taste of which, in the form of a single will arrive late summer.


Video – The New Tigers
Concert Footage – Kristiina Mäenpää
Editor – Appu Jasu

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