Watch Big wave Riders ‘Crest of a Wave’ video

Big Wave Riders new video for ‘Crest Of A Wave’ arrives

Big Wave Riders latest album Endless Summer ushered in last years warmer climes, so the video for ‘Crest Of A Wave’ at the onset of Spring is timely in itself. One of the standouts tracks from last year’s album, ‘Crest Of A Wave”s video now matches the song’s full on adrenalin rush, with an eminently watchable clip that features post-it notes to the fore (we kid you not).

Video director Raimo Saba explains: “Getting ready for the shoot Teppo went out to buy some Post-Its and ironically most of the stores he visited were sold out of Post-Its!  I guess these days people are just too busy to remember small practical things. The trending nightmare is not being able to fulfil our planned schedules in our everyday life. We are not slaves to the demands of time, we are slaves to the demands we place on ourselves in the name of time.”

Music video by Big Wave Riders performing Crest Of A Wave

Starring: Anton Ejov
Director: Raimo Saba
Producers: Teppo Meriläinen & Aleksi Luukka
Production assistant: Joonas Meriläinen

Upcoming shows:
22.4.2017  Bar Loose, Helsinki (with BLAUE BLUME (DEN))

Listen to Big Wave Riders Endless Summer:

Selected press quotes for Endless Summer:

“I struggled to choose favorite tracks because it all sounds so very good. I was thrilled when I learned that Big Wave Riders were delivering a new album, and I expected it to be good.  What I didn’t expect is that the boys would vastly exceed my expectations.  Endless Summer is the perfect way to extend the season well into the Autumn chill.”  When You Motor Away

“Their latest track ‘Crest Of A Wave’ is a hook laden belter that is silky smooth and oozing cool. The band explain the song as “About ochrasy, the feeling that everything is possible and open for exploration. Not always waiting for something more but truly living in the moment.” Clunk Magazine

“The song’s subject matter is urban fatigue: the creeping weight which grows on you when you start seeing concrete in your dreams, and have to get out for a spell and, according to the band’s release information, “find a temporary haven in the sun and the need to believe in something again”. It’s built upon swooping guitar lines and thumping drum beats, and even dabbles in a little bit of a Stone Roses-esque funk groove on the outro.” JAJAJA

“…this new album is very, very good. This is big-sounding indie/indiepop made with 2 guitars, bass and some really groovy drums, combined with some irresistible melodies and a good touch of reverb. Didn’t I mention the vocals? Warm, rich and very pleasing for the ears, and the backing vocal harmonies are also wonderful.” Eardrums Music

“I love the maturity the band have shown, hitting various touchstones that I adore, particularly in the realm of great guitar pop like “Crest of a Wave” or upbeat pop numbers like “Flipping the Bird.” You’ll even hear some fuzzier psych influenced tracks lurking around, so music nerds will get a little bit of it all from this album. It’s soaked in an essence of cool, begging for you to get hip to the Finnish band’s sound.” Austin Town Hall

“‘Crest Of A Wave‘ exudes a fun energy and clings to the final moments of summer with sometimes warped vocals, plus occasional reverb saturated guitars. The track is about not always waiting for something to happen and just living in the moment, which is summed up perfectly by the crescendo of instrumentation towards the end of the track.” Mix It All Up

“The song is a groovy scorcher and the definition of a summer anthem with its wailing guitars, euphoric chorus, and infectious melodies. It breathes optimism in a time of turmoil, exploding with youthful energy and the sense of invulnerability. For a few minutes, free your mind and escape into Big Wave Riders’ world, and let your inner child go.” The Revue

“the songs experiment with rhythms, harmonies and textures, still retaining that direct pop sensibility the band is known for.The summer’s coming to an end, but don’t worry, this is an Endless Summer.” One Quart Magazine

“Toisaalta Rebel Without A Causen raivokkaaksi yltyvä kertosäe ja vaikkapa While You’re Half A World Awayn upeat kitarat osoittavat, että Big Wave Riders pystyy parhaimmillaan vaikka mihin.” Soundi