Listen to Oceans new single Give All

New taster from Oceans forthcoming Thrill EP, released on the 30th October.

Way back in April, we released a new single from Oceans, the Noah Kin produced Sundown. Little did we know back then that Sundown would become the closing track to Oceans 2nd full EP, Thrill. Efe Tekkanat has been busy in the intervening few months. A smattering of live shows, Jyrock and  a guest appearance opening for Satellite Stories at Helsinki’s most revered venue Tavastia. Efe’s been preparing for a move to the UK this Autumn, but in the meantime he’s been putting together his new EP.

Thrill EP shows a development in sound and ideas following on from the debut Oceans EP from late 2014. Oceans music is now direct and propulsive, R&B makes way for a more electro driven sound and a bigger role for guitars. The voice is gruffer and used more sparingly allowing for a more expansive musical vision. Efe comments on the new EP I’m Telling You and Honest were the tracks to show the musical style of Oceans. In Thrill EP, that style is still proudly represented with echoing and addictive vocals, classy electronic hooks and booming bass. I think Give All is the perfect example of  this new approach, with a melody that is kept simple and memorable.”

You can download/stream Give All here

Oceans: Thrill EP (Soliti 046) Release date 30.10.2015

  • 1. Give all
  • 2. Brother
  • 3. Let me live
  • 4. Sunrise
  • 5. Sundown