Watch 23:23’s enchanting Memories slideshow video

Nostalgia rings heavy in 23:23‘s video for Memories.

When Rami Vierula, frontman of Delay Trees decided to work on some new music under the moniker 23:23, it was because it “was born out of necessity. Suddenly I realized that all of my emotional and rational world started to take its form in music.”. Over the course of the next two years 23:23 self released three albums, The Softest Wave etcTorero & Drifter. We were so impressed with the beauty, sadness and laid back lo-fi charms of these albums, we wanted to open them up to a wider audience.  On May the 8th, all three albums got a worldwide digital release via Soliti.

The video for Torero cut Memories​ incorporates much of what’s great about 23:23’s outlook. There’s a sense of nostalgia in both the music (like Roy Orbison on mogadon) and in the visual, a photographic slideshow of someone’s past life and experiences. Slides rhythmically echo the snare hits as Memories explodes into life with beautifully languid guitars that bring those memories into the here and now.

The video for Memories was filmed & directed by Black Lizard‘s​ Onni Nieminen and Rami Vierula. Editing duties were handled by Ghost Of Jack Nance‘s ​Eetu Maaranen.

Photo: Rami Vierula

Photo: Rami Vierula

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  • 12.5 Siltanen, Helsinki The Everyday Is Like Sunday club show has Rami joined by Aki from Black Twig and Onni from Black Lizard bringing you the full 23:23 sound. Also look out for a special Ltd edition vinyl compilation of 23: 23’s album trilogy for sale at tonight’s show. The vinyl was handmade by our friends at Royal Mint Records.
  • 20.8 Henry’s Pub, Helsinki

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