Introducing: Love Sport

We’re proud to announce that LOVE SPORT  join our growing artist repertoire and even more so as to announce the release of LOVE SPORT’s debut EP, GOL!! on the 12th December, 2014. The Ep will be available worldwide digitally and on cassette. LOVE SPORT are familiar faces from some of our favourite Helsinki based indie bands of recent times (Black Twig, Hopeajärvi, Lady Escape & Big Wave Riders).

Is that, all? Well no. By way of a more intimate introduction, here’s a pleasingly lo-fi  video clip for GOL!!! EP’s lead track Well..Shit. Three and half minutes of bustling energy, expressive vocals and melodies to cry for (and a sneaking feeling maybe this was the way guitars were meant to sound), LOVE SPORT have arrived and in the most catchy manner possible. Anyone for LOVE SPORT?

stream Well..Shit (and listen to the full EP for one day via ROSVOT)

 LOVE SPORT: Gol!! EP ( Soliti 033/ Soliti 033 Cass): Release date 12.12.2014

  • 1.Well..Shit
  • 2.Goodbye Brains
  • 3.Ritual Face
  • 4.Mozart Schmozart
  • 5.Pink Rhumba

LOVE SPORT a band from Helsinki, Finland: Aki,Mikko,Petri,Teemu