Oceans EP out now

It’s finally here, Oceans debut s/t EP has arrived.

Oceans: Oceans EP (Soliti 031) Release date : 31.10.2014

Oceans is the alias by which 19yr old Efe Tekkanat delivers his homespun tales of  yearning and life. Efe had tried honing a songwriting style via former punk band Kuollut Kulma. Moving on from punk led Efe to Ableton Live, which in turn became an avenue for Efe to channel his style and deliver short electronic songs that best showcased his songwriting. Thus, Oceans was born.

This playful attitude towards music presents itself with Oceans debut self titled EP. The four track EP displays Oceans economical use of arrangement where the vocal harmonies are key components, along with twitching bass signals and a steady pulse of scattering rhythm’s that roll and stutter. On top of these intricate sound collages sits Oceans distinctive vocal delivery.

Oceans EP is available worldwide for download/stream from the following outlets:

You can read some good words that people have had to say about Oceans: Rosvot, Rumba, Ja Ja Ja Music, When You Motor Away, Austin Town Hall, MaitoHotelli .

Oceans single Honest was featured on a Playlist specially curated by Lykke Li, which you can listen to via the Nordic Playlist 

Ja Ja Ja Music premiered the EP last week and had this to say: “The entire record overflows with irresistible electronic hooks, driving paces and Efe’s confident, soulful vocals”

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