Julian Lahdesmaki presents the Young Jupiter EP – out now!

Analog synths mixed with Eno-ambience, a four part symphony released by Soliti on 31st May 2024.

Soliti is proud to release Julian Lahdesmaki‘s Young Jupiter EP today. Analog synths mixed with Eno-ambience, Young Jupiter is a four part symphony that mixes creative songwriting with an impressive sound collage, expressing deep emotions about belonging.

Discussing Young Jupiter Julian tells us “I have never felt as naturally inspired as when I made this EP. Young Jupiter was written and recorded while I was packing up my life in Portland, Oregon and preparing to move to Helsinki, Finland. It is a sonic search for belonging; both spiritually and physically. A dance with the familiar and an open hand reached out toward whatever was on the horizon.”

Listen to Young Jupiter

Initial Reaction

Rumba previewed Young Jupiter “We recommend this!”

“…the song never stays in one place for too long, perhaps like Julian’s own life; it’s a musical narrative done mostly without words, so invest a little time in his new piece.” Austin Town Hall 

“You’ll probably need to listen to it twice at least to get into it but once you have the tantalising question of just where he will go with ‘Part Two’ will get stuck indelibly in your head.” Nordic Music Central 

Julian Lahdesmaki photography by Markku Lähdesmäki

Julian Lahdesmaki: Young Jupiter (Soliti 110)
Release date: 31/05/2024

Young Jupiter EP cover art by Julian Lahdesmaki

1.  Part One
2. Part Two
3. Part Three
4. Part Four

Recorded at Lake Road Studio in Portland Oregon in Spring 2023
Written, produced, and performed by: Julian Lähdesmäki
Mixed and Mastered by: Julian Lähdesmäki
Julian Lähdesmäki – Piano, guitar, vocals, synthesisers, drums, percussion, programming, string arrangements.

Julian Lahdesmaki photography by Markku Lähdesmäki

Julian Lahesmaki Bio

Julian Lahesmaki was born in Helsinki and moved to California when he was 6. He grew up between Los Angeles and Finland. Julian began writing music and recording in high school, and toured the west coast of America until he decided to move to Nashville. In Nashville he honed his craft as a songwriter and performer, co-writing 3-4 songs a week and gigging nightly. Along with playing in songwriter rounds in Nashville, Julian continued to perform in Los Angeles and Helsinki, even sharing the stage with some of his heroes like J. Karjalainen and Jonathan Wilson. After Nashville Julian explored various cities in the United States, embedding himself in each location’s music scene and soaking in each city’s unique sounds. Each city and town helped to add new depth to his work and a greater understanding of his artistic self. In 2023 he decided to move back to Finland hoping to connect with his homeland and continue his sonic journey. “I am such a combination of the places I have lived, but ultimately I want to really understand where I am from.” Julian tells us

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