Kaspar release their new album Calling The Waters

The second album from Kaspar is out now

The duo of John McGregor and Mikael HakkarainenKaspar – reveal a new approach to songwriting which informed Calling The Waters creation. Compared to their earlier work, the new songs are based on a different type of songwriting, where soundscapes become songs rather than thought-out song structures and melodies being written first. The new process turned out to be inspiring and a good amount of songs were written in a relatively short time. The band has been known for its ability to capture audiences, in smaller and bigger settings. Calling The Waters is further proof of their diversity, creativity and the desire to discover new sounds. Lyrically, the songs touch upon one’s inner life, the moving lights and shades of different colours in today’s world. There is a conversation with hope and a recognition of beauty, as all that is in our world finds its place.

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Initial reaction

“So Kaspar is still alive and well, they just changed their clothes.” Desibeli 4/5

Soundi previewed Calling The Waters this week with a track by track commentary from Kaspar

“…born from the repetitiveness of the musical base and that together with the rest of the elements of the voice builds a solid dynamism” Rmas.mx

“Kaspar can weave enchanting ensembles out of the synth mat, as the Clear single with Samuli Kosminen’s percussions nicely demonstrates.” Soundi 3/5

“…excellent new Kaspar album”One Chord to Another

“”Ain’t It Strange” by Kaspar is a masterpiece of sonic experimentation, touches of noises and refined sounds compose a singular harmonic style. A bold and magical musical journey.” Indie Italia

“Finnish duo Kaspar are working on something that feels supremely familiar, yet in the current climate, it feels totally refreshing.” Austin Town Hall

“Getting carried away by the electrifying vibrations of Kaspar’s new “Let Go” is all too easy. A sophisticated #altrock with a rich, engaging and pleasantly cacophonous sound texture.” IndieItalia

“For anyone with an iota of individualism about them it will be right up their street.” Nordic Music Central

“Magical” Rumba

“…a propulsive creation about rebirth” Soulwavez

Kaspar promo pic by Jonna Öhrnberg

(SOLITI 109) RELEASE DATE: 17/05/2024

Calling The Waters album sleeve photo by Sakari McGregor


Ain’t it Strange
Let Go
Who Am I
All I believe
Midst of men

All songs Produced by Kaspar
Recorded and mixed by Mikael Hakkarainen
Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis
Cover photo by Sakari McGregor

“Clear” Music Video by Sampsa Pirtola

Kaspar is a band from Finland led by singer-songwriters John McGregor and Mikael Hakkarainen. John and Mikael first met 20 years ago when they sat next to each other at a lecture about free will. Soon after their meeting, Mikael played in John’s band and a few years later Kaspar was formed. John is known for his career as a solo artist in Finland. Mikael  also has released four albums of his own. The Kaspar debut album was recorded in Kingston, New York with producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris) back in 2009. Following the album they played gigs all over Europe and in the US. After a concert in Austin, Texas a police officer said Kaspar was the best thing since U2 in San Antonio back in 1983. We’ll take that.

Kaspar promo pic by Jonna Öhrnberg

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