Henna Emilia Hietamäki releases new single “Kulkuri”

“Kulkuri” is the second single from Henna Emilia Hietamäki’s upcoming debut solo album Maja, which arrives via Soliti on August 19, 2022

“Kulkuri” (“The Wanderer”) is a song that runs through the terrain of country and folk, dreaming of freedom and detachment like the beatniks of the 1950s. Goodbye society! The lyrics are also pondering the fact that free adventure is usually not something women are encouraged to experience.

Tekla Vály filmed the “Kulkuri” music video in a museum farm in Helsinki.

Music & lyrics by H. E. H.
Song, guitar, piano H. E. H.
Bass Tytti Roto
Drums Hanna Perälä
Production H. E. H.
Mastering Markus Leminen
Cover image & music video Tekla Vály
“Kulkuri” is out on the 1st July 2022.

Listen to “Kulkuri”

Initial Reaction

“Hietamäki has a very sweet voice that does not need more than a nice accompaniment in this piece of folk, it has a very natural and warm sound and I really like the discretion of the percussion and bass.” The Sun Died Twice This Monday

“It isn’t offered up in an aggressive, challenging manner; rather it is so laid back, with a soporific melody, that it seems to address a fait accompli. This is the way that henceforth it will be. They say the 60s and the peace and love counter culture it spawned died at Altamont on 6th December 1969. Perhaps in a far flung cabin with no electricity in a Helsinki suburb it is being resurrected.” Nordic Music Central

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Henna Emilia Hietamäki – Maja (Soliti 100)
Release date:  19.8.2022

Maja album cover by Tekla Vály

  1. Välillä tuulee
  2. Kaivan siemenen maahan
  3. Protesti
  4. Kulkuri
  5. Hidas oppimaan
  6. Titityy
  7. Vesihiisi
  8. Valo tulvii itsestään

All songs written, composed and arranged by Henna Emilia Hietamäki
Recorded and mixed by Henna Emilia Hietamäki
Mastered by Markus Leminen
Vocals and acoustic guitar on all songs: Henna Emilia Hietamäki
Piano on Kaiva siemen maahan, Kulkuri, Hidas oppimaan, Titityy and Valo tulvii itsestään: Henna Emilia Hietamäki
Organ on Protesti and Vesihiisi: Henna Emilia Hietamäki
Bass on Protesti, Kulkuri and Titityy: Tytti Roto
Drums on Protesti and Kulkuri: Hanna Perälä
Maja album cover by Tekla Vály

The upcoming Maja album was born in a small cabin in one of Helsinki’s traditional cottage areas. With the soothing effect of the environment and the absence of electricity, Hietamäki focused on playing acoustic guitar and making even lighter and brighter music. In addition to composing  a new kind of music, Hietamäki decided to produce the record herself. She recorded guitar and vocal tracks at her summer house using a travel solar panel, a laptop, and a small recording device. Afterwards, she recorded her own pianos and organ, as well as basses by Tytti Roto (Ty Roxy, Cat) and drums by Hanna Perälä (Goo-Hags). In addition to recording, Hietamäki learned to mix.

31.7.2022 Roihuvuoren Rio, Helsinki
1.9.2022 Siltanen, Helsinki
2.9.2022 O’Connell’s, Tampere
5.11.2022 One Pint Pub, Helsinki

Press Reaction to debut single “Protesti”

“Protesti” single sleeve by Tekla Vály

The vibe she creates invokes those singer-songwriters; deep thinkers who were the diametric opposite of the five-minute wonder, ‘famous for being famous’ set that permeate the arts today. Indeed you don’t have to try that hard when you listen to this track to be transported back to the late 1960s in California and the Haight-Ashbury counter-culturists who flocked to Monterey Pop to hear Janice Joplin and Laura Nyro.” Nordic Music Central

“The protest sums up the feelings of a small person, it puts its narrator in a situation where everything bad and negative just has to be refused. Hope is boundless, goodness dwells in all of us, and thus the small-scale delicate composition rises to its wings. Fantastic.” Desibeli.net

H.E.H  bio
Prior to her recent solo project, Henna Emilia Hietamäki has performed with Henna Emilia & Houreet, Cats of Transnistria and Dust Mountain.In 2021, the progressive and psychedelic folk band Dust Mountain, led by Henna and Toni Hietamäki (Orange Pazuzu), released their debut album “Hymns for Wilderness” (Svart).Indie rock band Henna Emilia & Houreet has released the long play “Songs about people and animals 2019 (Stupido) and the EP“ Beibi, ä oon rualla ”2017 (Stupido).The experimental dream pop band Cats of Transnistria has released three long plays: “Aligning” in 2019 (Soliti), “Opium” in 2018 (Soliti), “Divine” in 2016 (Soliti) and “Away” in the EP in 2015 (Soliti ).

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