Black Twig return with new single ‘Devils Please Be Gone’

Black Twig new long player Was Not Looking for Magic – released February 26th 2021 via Soliti.

First new music from Black Twig in nearly five years – ‘Devils Please Be Gone’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the forthcoming new Black Twig long player Was Not Looking for Magic – which is released February 26th 2021 via Soliti.  

Listen to ‘Devils Please Be Gone’

Composed by: Aki Pohjankyrö, Rasmus Rantanen, Kaarlo Stauffer, Janne Vainikainen
Arranged by: Aki Pohjankyrö, Rasmus Rantanen, Kaarlo Stauffer, Janne Vainikainen
Lyrics by: Aki Pohjankyrö
Cover Art: Janne Vainikainen

Recorded and mixed by Aki Pohjankyrö
Mastered by Jari Suominen
Produced by Black Twig

Of the track Black Twig frontman Aki Pohjankyrö tells us:  “This track obviously plays with biblical imagery, but it’s not christian or anti-christian. It’s more like “secular gospel”, if you want to call it that – and uses images and themes embedded in culture surrounding us. I came up with the chorus in rehearsals when we were playing a draft version of the song, and I was improvising something on top of the music. It immediately felt “right”, and the rest of the lyrics were built on that theme: of dealing with your own “devils”or demons”

‘Devils Please Be Gone’ will be available from all digital outlets on the 15th january 2021.

Soundi had the first news of the single 

“At times it feels gothic, but almost pastoral, perhaps tying into the band’s ‘secular gospel” theme on this particular song. Alas, you still get a heavy-hand as guitars dart towards the end, echoing and feeding back in this tailspin of squall. Both bright and dark, this song finds the band taking comfort in achieving a perfect balance.” Austin Town Hall

“国内のイケてるバンドを数多く輩出する良質レーベルの中でも特に好きなバンドの約5年振りの新曲。とても嬉しいです。しかも2/26にニューアルバム『Was Not Looking for Magic』を発売します。” Niche Music

“I’m sure there’s still a market for this sort of music in the UK, and ergo a niche to be filled. And that’s the gospel truth” Nordic Music review

“This is a lovely warm sounding single: catchy great guitar riff, well-sung, good lyrics and a fine melody. What more can I say apart from give it a listen.” Monolith Cocktail 

“…the wonderfully laid back single Devils Please Be Gone ” Päivän Biisit

“As always with this four-piece, the guitars are magnificent in this worthy beginning to a new chapter for the band.” WYMA

“Welcome back to Black Twig, you were already very missed.” Desibeli

“They mix the monotonic with interesting and unexpected elements and a dynamic arrangement that keeps the listener’s ears pricked through the song.” Tinsel Music Magazine

Black Twig: Was Not Looking for Magic (Soliti 087) Release Date 26.02.2021

I Was Not Looking for Magic
Outdoor Blues
Devils Please Be Gone
Walking Up a Hill
Moon Song
Typical Winter’s Day
Animal Drawing
Big Cat
You Never Were Mine

The band was:
Aki Pohjankyrö: Vocals, guitars
Rasmus Rantanen: Drums, percussions, keyboards, guitars
Kaarlo Stauffer: Bass, guitars, keyboards
Janne Vainikainen: Guitars
Produced by Black Twig

Black Twig press

“…noisy rock rarely sounds this clear and this good” Sounds Better With Reverb

“Gloriously agitated & fuzzy pop collide – spiced with boosts of sparkling guitar firework.”Turn Up The Volume

“This is a band on a journey, and the path has led them to a good place..” When You Motor Away

“…shares an affinity with the best music made with guitars, drums and bass.” Nordic By Nature

“Fuzzy shoegaze goodness”  Off The Radar

“Black Twig continues to walk the tightrope between harmony and visceral distortion, satiating feral and cerebral urges” Prefixmag

“They’re songwriting is at the top of their game…it sounds like a modern spin on some of the tunes we got from Teenage Fanclub” Austin Town Hall

“Black Twig upgraded the shoegaze psychedelia of the 1980s and 1990s to a muscular guitar pop” Helsingin Sanomat

“Black Twig’s generous and distancing expression seduces in its mystery.” Soundi

“..the band’s hypnotic music, proving that Black Twig’s tunes hold a special ability to stick in your mind and keep you listening” Ja Ja Ja

“beautifully languid, all swooning vocals and restrained guitars that prickle at the senses” Gold Flake Paint

Black Twig’s love for melodic but noisy guitar music has endeared them to fans home and abroad. Emma nominations (Finnish Grammys), Japanese and Europe wide releases for their music, European shows and setting a high standard for domestic indie-rock brings anticipation for their new album. BLACK TWIG’S return is timely as the bands’ long time label Soliti turns ten, Black Twig are one of the first artists released on the label and helped forge Soliti’s reputation – confirming the band as Soliti alumni. #solitiisten

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