Debut single ‘Kun Viimein Saavuit’ is out now via Soliti. 

STINAKO is the new solo project by the celebrated singer and songwriter Stina Koistinen. Stina is known for her bands Color Dolor and Swan/Koistinen among others. STINAKO’s debut album Ikuisuus, arrives on the 1st November 2019. Ikuisuus brings out a new, bold and private side of the artist. 

The single ‘Kun Viimein Saavuit’ revels in the personal and vulnerable – a performance and sound that forms much of the make-up of the album. A sparse piano and powerful vocal ushers us into STINAKO’s intimate worldview.  Stina tells us of the single: “The first song I composed for the album. It’s about waiting and breaking promises.”

‘Kun Viimein Saavuit’ is officially released today – Friday 27th Sept

Initial Reaction
Päivän Biisit “The melancholic and sad song displays a rare depth for Finnish music”
Nordic Music Review “Immediately the tone of the stately piano will hit you, melancholy and deliberate, and that throws all the intention on to those vocals, which are just phenomenal, intoxicatingly powerful but almost fragile at times, they soar to an extraordinary level, delivering a beautiful cascading melody that climaxes and fades. ‘Kun Viimein Saavuit’ is a simply stunning song.”
God Is In The TV “…the first song she composed for the album, is quite morose with only bare, stripped back piano accompanying that voice as she sings about waiting, and breaking promises, and vulnerability. But when she hits the high notes towards the end the rawness and richness together are emotionally overwhelming. She simply has the knack of doing that.”
Interview via Rumba

STINAKO – IKUISUUS (Soliti 076) Release date 1/11/19
 Available on digital/vinyl

“Ikuisuus” album cover art / picture: Heli Blåfield

  • 1. Kun Viimein Saavuit
  • 2. Portit
  • 3. Kohtaaminen
  • 4. Kuu Nousee Tänäkin Yönä
  • 5. Valkoinen Kissa
  • 6. Ihoni On Pehmeä
  • 7. Katselen
  • 8. Ikuisuus
  • 9. Kuu On Siellä
  • 10. Muhju
  • 11. En Enää Pelkää Sadetta

All songs, vocals, piano & synths by Stina Koistinen
Produced by Stina Koistinen & Joonas Saikkonen
Recorded & mixed by Joonas Saikkonen
Saxophone on track 3 by Linda Fredriksson
Guitar on track 4 by Joonas Saikkonen

STINAKO online