Delay Trees 2007-2017

The wonderful Delay Trees are no more

Delay Trees have called it a day. Ten years of very great music is testament to a band that were always happy in their own skin. They leave us a parting gift – the lovely ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. Whatever Rami, Sami, Onni and Lauri decide to do next -we’ll be listening. Soliti can only say it’s been an honour and privilege working with you. XOXOXO.

From Delay Trees


The cycle of Delay Trees has come to and end after a loving discussion. In these wonderful 10 years, the band has taken us to interesting places both spiritually and physically. The time we’ve been together as a band will be cherished in all of our lives and hopefully we will remain in your lives as well. Basically all of this has been possible because of you, our supporters, fans and friends.

Our fourth album ’Let Go’ felt very much like a farewell already when we were recording it, so the ending was definitely up in the air already in 2016. After touring the album around Finland we felt like it’s a good time to call it a day, to kind of ”finish on a high note” or something.

We’re proud of the discography we’ve left behind and honoured to have worked with so many talented people and met so many warmhearted people on our journeys. All of your support has made us feel overwhelmed and humble. It’s amazing that there’s been a connection between our music and you guys.

Please take the time to listen to our albums and EP’s. It’s all on Spotify (well actually Before I Go Go EP isn’t but it’s on our website for free). There’s a lot of love, sorrow, pain, hope, faith and healing hidden in there somewhere. And if you want to support the band once more, please go to our website and purchase our albums that went on SUPERSALE just now. Yeah, we’re kinda broke like all the other indie bands around. LOL.

The four of us will remain as friends and it has been a joy to share the ”wild ride” with such an amazing group of musicians and personalities. None of us would change it for anything. Rami will keep making music under his own name and also with 23:23 in the future. If Onni, Sami or Lauri decide to make new music, we’ll definitely let you know through our Delay Trees Facebook page.

Huge thanks to our friends throughout the years: Nick Triani & Soliti (for believing in the band), Julius Mauranen (for the amazing talent), Teemu Vilmunen (for all the help), Eetu Pylkkänen (for the best live sound) and Ossian Marttala (for supporting us when we were just a bunch of youngsters). Many thanks also to ”Hit The North” Jens, Astra Stube, Dan Koplowitz, Black Twig, I Like Trains, Suisto klubi, Telakka, Radio Helsinki, Aapo Huhta, Feniks Willamo, Timo Haapanen, Veli Kauppinen, Kiiski, Jaakko Viitalähde, Autumn Andel, Onni Nieminen, Jussi Nygren, Teemu Erämaa, Juha Sarkkola, Juho-Matias Saarikko, Juho Oikari, Joonas Heinonen, Sami Rikala, all our families and loved ones and all the bands we’ve played with.

Once more thank YOU all for your support and love throughout the years.
Here’s our last song (scroll down for a Soundcloud link and download) titled ”Don’t Be Afraid”.
Let’s not be.
It’s a beautiful world out there and music is forever.

Delay Trees:
Rami, Sami, Lauri and Onni”

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Photo by Pasi Vähänen

Photo by Pasi Vähänen

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