The New Tigers return with the shimmering pop of Three Shadows

The summer is officially over and before the snow falls we are excited to present you the first taste of The New Tigers forthcoming third album. The New Tigers return with the unexpected pop nous of ‘Three Shadows’. The song is an unabashedly instant wheeze, with shifting synth and guitar hooks; melodies melt together creating a window to a dancing-pop-tune mixed with a more experimental synth psyche feel. Appu Jasu’s vocals assuredly guide us through a sweet sensation. Listen ‘till the end, you’ll get a glimpse of something unexpected! ‘Three Shadows’ is the first taster from The New Tigers third long player which will arrive in 2018. 

Listen/Download ‘Three Shadows’ from the following outlets

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Appu Jasu talks more about the writing and recording process of the song:

“This song was written in several sessions taking place in an apartment in close proximity (but not at) the center of Turku. On both sides of an Areca palm stood a guitar on one side and a keyboard on the other. A few leaves of the plant are half eaten, the eater being a grey cat. Fortunately Areca palms are non-toxic to cats and dogs, and so the plant and the cat are thriving.

The song was recorded in a small industrial area on the outskirts of town, where one Tuesday two practicing neighbors, a harmonica-featuring blues band and a solo freestyling metal drummer, played in almost perfect unison unbeknownst to themselves. The recordings were executed and supervised by The New Tigers.”

Single cover art by Appu Jasu