Listen to the new single from Verandan – ‘Short Dream’

Verandan are releasing their second single ‘Short Dream’ from their forthcoming EP.

It seem so long ago now, but way back at the tail-end of June we introduced you to the new band from cats on fire alumni Ville Hopponen, returning with Verandan. First single ‘Gold in the Hills’ was received with much love (and even made #1 on the Australian indie charts). So we’re extra delighted to be bringing you some more Verandan music, in the form of new single ‘Short Dream’.

As the title suggests, the song takes us into a short dream. The harmonic jangle of the guitars is mixed with the softness of the synths, we step into the vividness of a dream. It’s short lived as the song takes off with a direct guitar lead right after the vocals: “I’m awake now, I’ll walk on but I know it’s different, from now on”.

Ville expands: “The song is built around an old musical idea that was lying around gathering dust but knew deep down it would eventually be of use. It’s mostly about the contrast between a vivid dream (or some other profound experience) and the mundane and how the former sometimes can make the latter feel underwhelming. Like the fate of a tourist.”

You can stream/download ‘Short Dream’ on the following outlets:

Photo by Onni Nieminen

Upcoming shows:

18.8. Soliti Slaughterhouse, Teurastamo, Helsinki

Press reaction to Verandan’s ‘Gold in the Hills’:

“… it seems to blend together influences from across the decades, with a particular nod towards 80’s indie. But this is also expansive sophisticated songwriting with some lovely subtle touches from the musician.” Nordic Music Review

“A large scale pop tune with soaring synths and a robust bass, it has a slightly ‘80s feel and absolutely makes our day better with each spin” When You Motor Away

“ I’d pick up this song for the delightful chorus with its rising tones and natural hook.” Austin Town Hall

“Tyylillisesti Verandan on perinnetietoista indiepoprockia, jonka pääosassa ovat melodiat ja kasarimainen bändisoundi. Jos soittajien muihin yhtyeisiin vertaa, Cats on Firen ja The New Tigersin tunnelmointi on lähempänä Verandan musiikkia kuin vaikkapa Black Twigin kitarasurina tai Kynsien garagepaukutus.” Stopshakehoneygo 

“a deliberative groove filled pop wonder adorned with perfectly subtle and appropriately arranged atmospherics. And the production, done by Hopponen himself, is killer. “ Indie30

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