Delay Trees ‘Let Go’ album out now

Delay Trees much anticipated fourth album Let Go is out today (24.03)

Delay Trees fourth long player Let Go  has finally arrived. A more direct Delay Trees album, Let Go finds the band in their most melodic moment, with a keen sense of songcraft whilst playing to the strengths of the classic Delay Trees sound. This coming Autumn 2017, Delay Trees celebrate 10 years as a going concern. Four is a key number for the Delay Trees; Let Go is their 4th album, the album cover also consists of 4 ‘pillars’ that “could portray our albums as well as ourselves, the same group of four we’ve been all along”.

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The band bring some more insight into Let Go: “In the past few years we’ve experienced painful losses in our personal lives.We’ve been pushed to the limits and forced to deal with demons we hadn’t quite faced before. Let Go is a manifest to that struggle. The songs are our effort to try and understand the ever-changing nature of our selves, of life and of “the everyday” we often feel disoriented by. It Is a ”goodbye” to memories and a ”hello” to a fresh start.

Let Go is not avant-garde in any way, it’s actually the same type of melancholic pop we’ve been making throughout our now 10 year old career, but its pain and beauty is truly ”lived”. It may be full of heartbreak and feelings of being lost but it’s also an album of new beginnings and new you’s.

We recorded the album with our long term partner in crime Julius Mauranen at Mankku-
studios in Porvoo and at Studio Kekkonen in Helsinki during the summer of 2016.

Additional recordings took place in Hämeenlinna at ‘Odd Jazz’ studios. The album was mixed by Julius Mauranen and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde. All of the songs are written and produced by Rami Vierula except ‘Hum’ by Onni Oikari.”

Initial Reaction to Let Go:

“There’s tons of touchstones on the album, from modern expansive pop tropes to the intimacy of joyfully solemn bedroom pop. Through it all, Let Go feels like the great Brit pop record that never got made; it’s the sort that walks the fine line between artistry and accessibility, filled with warm tones and melodies made to feel personal.” Austin Town Hall

“Let Go on levy, joka ilahduttaa joka kuuntelukerralla uudelleen. Siinä Delay Trees onnistuu, koska yhtyeellä on terävä biisikynä ja kyky rakentaa kappaleisiinsa kerroksellisuutta.” Image

“The most striking thing on this record, as so clearly depicted on “It’s Not Who You Are”, is the sheer lack of sentimentality. Experiences and emotions such as loss, desolation and heartbreak are dealt with somewhat clinically – the way you’re able to once they lie miles and miles behind you. I hate to use the word “mature”, but there’s a certain relief in listening to a band that’s been able to create from a place of healing.” In Between Songs

“as a whole the record is high-class, stands the test of time and brings a smile to your face. Simply: the best from Delay Trees.” Alice & June/Rosvot

“Delay Trees did everything right on this record. It’s an album for everyone who knows how to appreciate music. It’s atmospheric and no matter how often you listen to it, it doesn’t get boring. There’s a lot to discover every time and that’s just one enjoyable aspect of it. On this album, you are able to find ten strong pieces, that make a statement. These songs will make you want to think about the music and that’s something that doesn’t happen way too often these days.” Your Dead Partner 10/10

“Black Ice starttaa matkan verkkaisesti, mutta pilvet katoavat pop-taivaalta jo Phases ja Brightest Eyes -kappaleiden voimin. Pop-koukut viuhuvat ilmassa, ja vaikka lyriikat vihjaavat surun olevan lähellä, nostaa musiikki jalkoja lattiasta. Ja uskallan väittää: juuri tässä Delay Trees on vahvimmillaan.” 5/5

“‘Brightest Eyes’ is a lovely track with flowing melodic indie guitar wooziness, which is so easy on the ear and has the most natural sounding melody, if slightly melancholy, as we should expect from the Delay Trees. This is beautifully written music” Nordic Music Review

Delay Trees are known for their ambient and tingly dream pop, and that’s the route they’re still on with their latest single ‘Brightest Eyes’. They do this kind of music well, and it’s easy to slip into a moment of melancholic trance.” Ja Ja Ja

“It’s Not Who You Are is not as melancholic as one might expect ––. Delay Trees still haven’t gone anywhere from the cloud they’re playing on – the essence of dreaming is still there.” Rosvot

“Delay Trees on osannut hommansa alusta saakka. Yhtyeen 60-lukulainen bändisoundi, byrdsmäiset kitarat, Rami Vierulan puhdas laulusoundi ja biisien unimaailmasta reaalimaailman puolelle tuotu fiilis muistuttavat siitä, miksi alun perin ryhtyi kuuntelemaan musiikkia. Koska siitä tulee hyvä olo.” Stop, Shake, Honey, Go

“…in our opinion the new album is a nice step forward for an already very good band. In past recordings, the foursome displayed a deft touch in creating swirling dreampop. However, from the opening notes of the majestic opener, “Black Ice”, Delay Trees cut through the mist with direct, melodic rock with purpose, drive and subtlety.” When You Motor Away

Delay Trees have the gift of crafting a superb autumnal pop song.” Prefix

“Enjoy the gorgeously chilled sound of Black Ice. Another superb Soliti release.” SWIT

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Photo by Pasi Vähänen

Catch Delay Trees live:
28.3. Everyday is Like Sunday (Let Go album release show) at Siltanen, Helsinki
7.4. Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna
8.4. Telakka, Tampere
21.4. Korjaamo (with Black Twig), Helsinki
28.4. Tukikohta, Oulu
13.5. Alakulttuuritalo, Helsinki
6.7. Henry’s Pub, Helsinki

Delay Trees: Let Go (Soliti 061)

1. Black Ice
2. Phases
3. Brightest Eyes
4. Best Things
5. Sound Of Darkness
6. Blame It On The Snow
7. It’s Not Who You Are
8. Pale July
9. Hum
10. Hope

Photos by Pasi Vähänen

Photos by Pasi Vähänen

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