The New Tigers Vindication EP out now

The New Tigers return with their first new material since 2013

The New Tigers Vindication EP (Soliti 050) is out today (29th April). Four new tracks from the band display the usual respect for great melody but with a sound that goes deeper than before. “The band’s new Vindication EP opens with “Visions,” possessing a slight tendency to psychedelia, but what really excited me was the sound that came to follow. Skip ahead to “Chewing Gum” and you’ll hear a delectable nod to power-pop; it’s my favorite number on the EP. For me, the whole EP brandishes a sound I don’t hear too often; I hear psych-pop outfits, but this time around the band sounds like a pop-psych band. Is there a difference? There definitely is, and I love the latter.” Commented Austin Town Hall on premiering the EP last week and we couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. Doubly impressive for Soliti is that Vindication EP marks the 50th stand alone release on the label. Hurrah!

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The New Tigers return to the live frey with two shows (their last with current drummer Ville Hopponen)

4th May Dynamo, Turku (+ Black Twig)
5th May Brooklyn Sound, Bar Loose, Helsinki (+ Sonic Visions, 23:23)

The New Tigers Vindication EP (Soliti 050) Release date 29th April 2016


1. Visions
2. Chewing Gum
3. Polar Night
4. Dissolution

“The new four track digital EP was recorded in winter 2016 in mostly snowy conditions. Where the former New Tigers’ releases have basically been recorded live in the studio, the new EP takes more advantage on the possibilities of studio, such as multi tracking. On the other hand, it showcases the group’s characteristic, magical groove in its zenith. The recording session was once again assisted by Gavin Robert from the british group Starbliss. Originally the new EP had a fifth track, but Gavin Robert kept adding daring amounts of reverb to the mix. Eventually the fifth song disappeared in a sea of reverb and couldn’t be found again! The New Tigers also return to concert stages after a one and a half year pause. The shows in Turku’s Dynamo May 4th and in Helsinki’s Loose May 5th are the last chance to see the group playing with drummer Ville Hopponen. Hopponen will be parting ways with the group, but The New Tigers will soldier on. The name of the new drummer will be revealed pretty soon. Who could it be?!!?”

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