23:23 album trilogy out now!

Wow! Get your ears ready for some sonic delights, as we’re proud to be releasing the 23:23 album trilogy today (8th May).  23:23 is the name given to Rami Vierula of Delay Trees extra curricula activities. Over the course of the last two years Rami has been quietly revealing a secret world of dreams and glorious hushed sounds over three album releases.

On display over these releases you can find Rami’s talent for exploring the dream pop aesthetic whilst never forgoing a willingness to experiment or of his love for melody. Soliti has been in quiet awe of these recordings. Welcome to the 23:23 Album Trilogy

The Softest Wave etc. (Soliti 037)


23:23 says of Softest Wave etc : “I connect most of the albums closely to where I lived at the moment. I wrote and recorded ’Softest Wave Etc.’ while living in Kamppi. Therefore Orion, Finnkino, Hietsu and gorgeous summery late night / early morning downtown streets are all in the songs. I’d tune my modest set up in the living room and record vocals or synths until 3AM… Those were the perks of living in a student house. Eventually the shitty PC I had recorded the album with broke down taking in its digital tomb the ”lost EP”. It was good if I remember correctly, four or five songs of folky lofi stuff. I still have some lyrics left but only vague ideas of the songs. Always have backups kids, always!”


  1. Safe
  2. I’m Not In Pain Anymore
  3. New Town
  4. Softest Wave
  5. Tell Me Your Name
  6. New Year
  7. Swinging
  8. Sweetheart
  9. PleasePleasePlease

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Torero (Soliti 038)


23:23 says of Torero: “I started working on ’Torero’ almost immediately after ’Softest Wave’. It’s an album dedicated to my longtime muse and BFF Hanna-Leena. It’s an album consisting mostly of love songs. I did the album on GarageBand. This time I actually recorded the drums compared to the programmed stuff I used earlier. I recorded the drums while my friend slept on the sofa just next to all the noise in Hämeenlinna. That dude loves to dream. Everything else was made in Kallio where I had moved recently. I could hear the trams all day and night as well as the amusement park nearby. Recorded the vocals mostly at nights with very Rear Window -esque vibes: watching at the few lit up windows in the building opposite of me and crooning away.”


  1. Redheads
  2. Backwards
  3. All Of My Heart
  4. Memories
  5. Teargas Attack
  6. Bands!
  7. Above Magic
  8. Coma Vibration
  9. Torero
  10. Zombie
  11. Last Night

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Drifter (Soliti 039)


23:23 says of Drifter “’Drifter’ lacks some of the mystery of the previous two but it’s got quality songs on it. It’s also more about heartbreak and losing yourself than ’Softest Wave’ or ’Torero’. So I guess it’s kinda more gloomy. It also has more stories like ’Teenage Wife’ or ’Stalker’ but then again ’Soon Better’ and ’Never Gonna End’ are as personal and real as it gets. I felt as an outsider in Kallio at this time so ended up doing a lot of the album in Hämeenlinna at my parent’s garage. It’s a good closer for the trilogy, the most upgraded version (welcome LogicProX) and also the most compact one. Closes the door to 23:23 albums for a while. At least guitar based lo-fi albums.”


  1. American Graffiti
  2. Teenage Wife
  3. Stalker
  4. Winona
  5. Never Gonna End
  6. Tropicture
  7. Trouble
  8. Old Country
  9. Soon Better

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A special vinyl very Ltd edition collection featuring tracks from all three 23: 23 albums will be available via our friends at Royal Mint Records. Details soon.

There’s been some lovely reaction and spread for the trilogy: Rosvot’s Maitohotelli had an in depth review for all three albums, Nordic Music Review covered the release, we had  a multimedia pre listening for all three albums via Soundi, Rumba & Rosvot. Read more on 23: 23 via Austin Town HallALL SCANDINAVIANOne ChordQrumag, Don’t Need No Melody and The DaDaDa.


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Photo: Onni Nieminen

Photo: Onni Nieminen

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