Pink Chameleons release more ‘mega-psych’ with new single “Some Sunny Feeling”

More live shows including Helsinki Psych Fest

Earlier this year Pink Chameleons shared a couple of new songs that gave psych a new form, even a new kind of mellow expression. The double single release of “Colors Seem To Fade b/w Meat Deluxe from January certainly kept the hypnotic vibes so often associated with the genre but perhaps broadened the sound palette to explore new avenues. Pink Chameleons go deeper into this direction with the ‘‘mega-psych’ of “Some Sunny Feeling”, released via Soliti on the 3rd May2024.

Listen to “Some Sunny Feeling”

Written by: Paltsa-Kai Salama
Arranged by: Pink Chameleons
Paltsa-Kai Salama: Vocals, guitars
Antti Sauli: Bass
Ville Hopponen: Drums
Jussi Hurskainen: Saxophone
Iiro Tulkki: Percussion
Tytti Roto: Vocals

“Again this is an older song that’s been tested live since 2016” band leader Paltsa-Kai Salama tells us “The track features a wonderful saxophone riff by Jussi Hurskainen that really made the song. The pre-chorus once again features  vocals by the ubiquitous Tytti Roto:”

“This is the sort of pensive psychedelia that we don’t encounter as often these days, pulling from these sort of mysterious Eastern influences like a slow burning stick of incense” Austin Town Hall

“Creating a western-folk-rock sound” SetlistMX

 “It’s a sound that will appeal to people who like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Ty Segall.” Niche Music

Interview at Revistaarte Brasileira

Paltsa-Kai was interviewed by Njassa at Radio Helsinki on the 2nd May

Also featured at moochilatv, and Once Chord to Another


Pink Chameleons promo 2024

Upcoming shows
3.5. Helsinki Psych Fest

18.5. Lappeenranta, Uus Hoi Sie
14.6. Helsinki, Malmitalo

Recent Press for “Colors Seem To Fade b/w Meat Deluxe”

“The Finnish project relied upon California vibes to craft this song, which you’ll immediately see upon the visuals, but you’ll likely hear in the traditional psychedelia coming through your speakers. It’s as about as true to the original style as it comes, but in that, it feels refreshing, as the genre’s been completely bastardized.” Austin Town Hall

“‘Colors Seem To Fade’…has a mellow slumber atmosphere amplified by the addition of saxophone and percussion by Jussi Hurskainen and Iiro Tulkki. The bass line that sounds like a swirling marble pattern and the timeless texture of the sound are also wonderful.” Niche Music

“There’s a kind of Scandinavian melancholy to the music I make. If you spend 9 months a year in snow, rain and darkness, it will be reflected in the art you make.” small interview via Revista Arte Brasileira

“This song is full of texture and vibrancy” Darkus Magazine

“Even The Beatles at their most Indian-inspired level of creativity wouldn’t have mixed those three instruments.” Nordic Music Central

“Pink Chameleons piloted by Paltsa-Kai Salama of the Black Lizard band lives up to expectations with their new single” Päivan Biisit

“Mesmerizing with its bass line and extra mojo from the soulful saxophone, this kusari gem is like a slice of California’s flower children’s sun”. Desibeli

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