Kaspar join the Soliti label – share new single ‘Clear’

‘Clear’ b/w ‘Who Am I’ arrives on the 23rd February 2024

Heeding the wisdom of the old adage that the best things in life are definitely worth waiting for, Kaspar return with a new single ‘Clear’, which arrives via their new label home Soliti. Welcome Kaspar!

Kaspar are a band from Finland led by singer-songwriters John McGregor and Mikael Hakkarainen. Wayback when they released their self-titled debut album which resonated with a lot of people for its distinctive sound and beautiful songs. Now Kaspar are back to spread some more of that old special your way with the brooding, sparse and finally propulsive intricacy of new single “Clear.” The beauty remains intact.

Watch the ‘Clear’ video by Sampsa Pirtola

Listen to “Clear” b/w “Who Am I”

Music written by John McGregor, Mikael Hakkarainen, Samuli Kosminen
Lyrics by John McGregor, Mikael Hakkarainen
John Mcgregor – vocals, synths
Mikael Hakkarainen – programming, vocal sample
Samuli Kosminen – drums, percussion, violins
Produced by Kaspar
Recorded and mixed by Mikael Hakkarainen
Mastered by Matt Colton

John and Mikael explain; ““Clear” is a song about a moment of total clarity in life and it was written on a bed of dwelling Moog synthesisers. It is the first single from Kaspar for the Soliti label and also their first single with no guitars, a move that showcases their evolution and commitment to pushing boundaries. The song started as an improvisation on the theremin instrument but went somewhere else, the noises of the theremin ending up as the beat for the song. When the song was being written, Samuli Kosminen, known for his work with múm and Björk, was visiting us in the studio and promised to play some hi hat on the song. He ended up offering plenty more and took the song to new heights, clearly.”

Initial Reactions

“Magical” Rumba

“Early on it’s a rolling synth line, with the faintest heartbeat bubbling beneath; I love how the empty space leaves a lot of room for the melody to kind of build and grow” Austin Town Hall

“For anyone with an iota of individualism about them it will be right up their street.” Nordic Music Central

“The lovely and sincere song” WYMA

Also featured at OCTA and Setlistmx

Kaspar promo picture by Denis Vinokur

As well as “Clear” – for those of you who have been paying attention – you may have noticed that Kaspar released some new music at the back end of last year, the dulcet yearning of “Who Am I” – the track resurfaces now along with “Clear”

“Who Am I”
Written by: John McGregor, Mikael Hakkarainen, Tuomas Hakkarainen
John Mcgregor – vocals, guitars, synths, beats
Mikael Hakkarainen – guitars, bass, vocals, beats
Tuomas Hakkarainen – drums
Produced by Kaspar
Recorded and mixed by Mikael Hakkarainen
Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Mastering

“”Who Am I” is a song swinging with a gentle ska rhythm about finding oneself and the significance and meaning of life. In terms of production the song is a departure from the previous acoustic folk, but what has been said about the band by critics is still true: “good things often happen naturally, without coercion”. With synthesisers and samplers, “Who Am I” brings out a new, more colourful soundscape alongside the familiar voices.” explain Kaspar.

“Clear” b/w “Who Am I” releases through Soliti on the 23rd February 2024.

Kaspar promo pic by Jonna Öhrnberg

Kaspar Bio
Kaspar is a band from Finland led by singer-songwriters John McGregor and Mikael Hakkarainen. John and Mikael first met 20 years ago when they sat next to each other at a lecture about free will. Soon after their meeting, Mikael played in John’s band and a few years later Kaspar was formed. John is known for his career as a solo artist in Finland. Mikael has also released four albums of his own. The Kaspar debut album was recorded in Kingston, New York with producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris) back in 2009. Following the album they played gigs all over Europe and in the US. After a concert in Austin, Texas a police officer said Kaspar was the best thing since U2 in San Antonio back in 1983. We’ll take that.

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