Juppe releases new song/video “Andy, I Have Your Lighter”

“Andy, I Have Your Lighter” arrives via Soliti on the 24th November.

Fresh from his debut album, September’s Feeling Bad About Feeling Sad In The Happiest Country In The World, Juppe reveals new music in the form of  “Andy, I Have Your Lighter”.
Possibly Juppe’s most direct piece of music to date, “Andy, I Have Your Lighter” served Juppe with ulterior motives, a way of seeing if his trusted Shure SM58 microphone could suffice in delivering the sonic quality Juppe’s music deserves.
“”I did everything in the song with an SM58 microphone to prove to myself I could do without all the expensive gear I think I should buy with the money I don’t have.  The song itself was written years ago for a skateboard film about a friend who was learning the ollie. They learned the trick but we never finished the film, here’s the soundtrack though!” Juppe tells us.

WATCH “Andy, I Have Your Lighter”

Video made by Juppe.

Listen to “Andy, I Have Your Lighter”

Juppe – vocals, drums, bass, guitar, synth, glockenspiel, handclaps, shaker
Veli-Pekka Vaari – violin
Aapo Soulanto – saxophone
Recorded exclusively with an SM58 microphone.
Mix and recorded by Juppe
Mastered at Holistic Audio Mastering

Initial Reaction

“It was that natural joyfulness that grabbed me, and then the vocals offer up this softened curl that really draws you into the track; I think you’ll also hear some similarities to some of the British pop rock that was breaking big in the late 00s (2000s not 1900s).” Austin Town Hall

“An insanely addictive indie pop gem.” Päivän Biisit

“It’s a unique theme that pays homage to his standard mic the SHURE SM58, and it’s surprisingly straightforward and interesting for a song by him. As you can tell by listening to his debut song ‘Fade’, it’s really straightforward.” Niche Music

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Photo by Nestori Majoinen

Upcoming shows:
16/12/2023 Korjaamo, Helsinki w/Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Feeling Bad About Feeling Sad In The Happiest Country In The World album cover by Simo Pukkinen.

“FBAFSITHCITW is an exciting adventure into the wonderland of pop, with the rabbit hole being surprisingly deep and mirrors constantly acting as passageways.” Desibeli

4/5 Ilkka-Pohjalainen

SML”The Music is interesting, production catchy and surprising” – Soundi

“…the richness of the sound and development from every angle is interesting every time.” Niche Music

“Juppe, who makes the most original soul music in Finland” Rumba

“A mixture of deconstructed funk, post punk, and… of… an insolent happiness that explodes in our face, the Finnish musician Juppe, accompanied by a demented prod and a sax that slips through the interstices reminds us that life is good in Finland with his latest title “Happiest Country In The World”!” Djolo

“…wait until the back half spins this distorted noise-skronk stomp; there’s no boundaries in the band’s songwriting, which is something that means a lot to me these days. It’s a tune that works playfully, then fades with bombast, so interested to hear where the project goes from here.” Austin Town Hall

“”Fade” just makes our day! It sounds like it sprang out of the funk scenes of Philadelphia or Detroit in the late ’60s or early ’70s.” WYMA

“A small touch of soulful keyboards is the right amount of soul, but still the song is a beauty that most clearly belongs to the pop rock canon. Swings and swings, and the rockier cycle at the end is guaranteed not to leave you cold with its sound barrage” Desibeli.net

“Juppe mixes organic and representative sounds of specific decades, with hints of a 70s band and also the colours of 90s indie electronica and sardonic lyrics.” freim.tv

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