Knife Girl shares new song “Estrogen” – a banger call to love your life

“Estrogen” is released on the 19th July 2023

The endless creative zeal of Knife Girl knows no bounds. Knife Girl ( 23yr old songwriter/producer Lili Aslo) releases a new slice of dance pop fun with new single  “Estrogen”,  conveying deep and personal feelings. “ “Estrogen” is an expression of gender euphoria, and a celebration of my life and friends. When I wrote the lyrics “I love my tits, I love my dick”, I had to stop for a moment to think if it was too provocative to say. But I realised: Why should it be provocative to anyone that I love my body? The lyrics keep looping over and over, an affirmation to myself. This is what me loving myself sounds like.“ Aslo tells us.

Listen to “Estrogen”

Production: Lili Aslo
Mixing: Lili Aslo
Synth Programming: Lili Aslo
Drum programming: Lili Aslo
Vocals: Lili Aslo
Background vocals: Lili Aslo
Mastered by
Single sleeve by Otso Reitala

Knife Girl by Helmi Padatsu “Estrogen”

Initial Reaction

“Knife Girl’s production on this track has a similar sleek, metallic and futuristic sound, with bubbling and warped synths that pop and drop like water droplets, and a dark dance-pop attitude that consumes you wholly. It’s a glorious celebration of transness, trans people and their trans friends and trans bodies.” Xtra*

“You can’t help but chant along no matter if you have tits, dick or none of the above” Paste Magazine

“The song is a slice of heavy industrial dance pop. I’d describe it as Fever Ray if Fever Ray was upbeat, crossed with the more mainstream side of Planningtorock” Higher Plain Music

“An aggressively positive piece of left-field dance-pop” CMU

“This latest cut is an exciting slice of dance-pop loaded with unique synth sounds that put experimental noise at the forefront of a bassy arrangement.” the most radicalist

“Find some time to fux with songwriter+producer Lili Aslo and her dance-pop proclamation on gender euphoria” Digital High

“Knife Girl’s great song” RUMBA and She Makes Music, click roll boom, kaltblut., Them and Crack Magazine‘s weekly playlists.

Knife Girl live shows Summer 2023

13.08.2023 — Flow Festival, Helsinki
17.08.2023 — Porvoo Pride, Porvoo
25.08.2023 — Festivali, Tampere
28.08.2023 — Helsinki Juhlaviikot

Knife Girl by Helmi Padatsu “Estrogen” 1

Releasing music under different guises since 2013, 22yr old Lili Aslo (aka Knife Girl) has released 5 EP’s and one album collecting more than 12 million listeners on various music platforms. Knife Girl’s Metro EP from June 2021 caught the attention of tastemakers all over, further cemented by the OONA EP from November 2021. Knife Girl’s growing reputation as a producer and songwriter of adventurous sonic endeavours replenished with special melodic gifts was merely enhanced by her debut album Uniform released in Sept. 2022. Live shows have grown in stature from solo appearances to full on seven piece band dynamics with Aslo’s endearing personality shining through. The often chameleon-like nature of Aslo’s music has traversed genres such as bedroom pop, hyperpop, classic indie rock and more in an ever expanding and crafted oeuvre. These releases have garnered everything from Emmy nominations (Finnish Grammy), multiple indie award nominations, national broadcaster YleX’s Breakthrough Artist recognition and Impala’s one’s to watch for 2023.

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