Introducing Juppe

Juppe joins the Soliti label, shares debut single ‘Fade’

Through the various vagaries of fortune and good luck, their paths crossed and Juppe arrived at Soliti Recordings. Palpable excitement ensued as Soliti heard Juppe’s music for the first time; we are hoping you feel the same senses when you hear the first fruits of this collaboration with Juppe’s debut single release ‘Fade’.

“Fade found its form during the pandemic when me and a lot of my friends were freshly unemployed. Some ended long term relationships and were sleeping on various couches around town during the lockdown. It’s very hard to get a place to rent here in Helsinki if you don’t have good credit. It’s very easy to fade away.” Juppe tells us of the single’s theme. Musically difficult to pigeonhole, “Fade” possesses a gloriously enthused groove, supported by Juppe’s serious vocals. “Fade” surprises with many turns before a full blown rock-out closes proceedings. “Fade” will be released via Soliti on the 10th March 2023.

Listen to “Fade”

Lyrics: Juppe (Julius Kasperi Jäppinen)
Composers: Juppe (Julius Kasperi Jäppinen),Aapo Soulanto, Nestori Majoinen, Leevi Jaakko Kalevi Haapanen, Saku Jaakko Kalevi Kaukiainen, Juuso Joonas Nurmela, Iiro Johannes Sivula
Vocals, guitar, and production: Juppe
Drums: Nestori Majoinen
Bass: Iiro Sivula
Lead guitar: Saku Kaukiainen
Saxophone: Aapo Soulanto
Synth, keys, violin: Leevi Haapanen
Keys, organ: Joonas Nurmela
Percussion: Hp Siikasaari

Recorded at Lammaskallion Audio by Sakari Kumpula
Overdubs recorded by Juppe
Mixed by Juppe
Mastered at Holistic Audio Mastering

Initial reaction

“…wait until the back half spins this distorted noise-skronk stomp; there’s no boundaries in the band’s songwriting, which is something that means a lot to me these days. It’s a tune that works playfully, then fades with bombast, so interested to hear where the project goes from here.” Austin Town Hall

“”Fade” just makes our day! It sounds like it sprang out of the funk scenes of Philadelphia or Detroit in the late ’60s or early ’70s.” WYMA

“A small touch of soulful keyboards is the right amount of soul, but still the song is a beauty that most clearly belongs to the pop rock canon. Swings and swings, and the rockier cycle at the end is guaranteed not to leave you cold with its sound barrage”

“Juppe mixes organic and representative sounds of specific decades, with hints of a 70s band and also the colours of 90s indie electronica and sardonic lyrics.”

Soundi shared “Fade”

“Addictive riffs, unexpectedly moving melodies, and kaleidoscopic arrangements. It’s so cool and funny.” Niche

As well as joining forces with Soliti, Juppe also arrives under the Fullsteam Agency umbrella, booked by the excellent Maija Kaarna. For Juppe booking enquiries :


Juppe promo pic by Simo Pukkinen

Small bio
Finnish singer/songwriter Juppe mixes organic 1970s band flavours and 1990s indie electronica with sardonic lyricism. Releasing music with different projects and bands since 2014, ”Fade” is his debut solo single.