Introducing Local Al – listen/watch debut single ‘En luovuta’

The first taste from a trilogy of Local Al EP’s arrives today

Aleksi Pahkala, known for his bands Gim Kordon and The Duplo!, returns with something new and different. Aleksi is a recognised human rights activist, a journalist, DJ and a former music director for Radio Helsinki, as well as tastemaker at the late great Stupido-Shop. Now Pahkala surprises with his new solo project, Local Al and first taste ‘En luovuta’.

Dir. and edit and post by Jaro Serlas
Dop by Jaro Serlas
Cinematography by Aleksi Hornborg
Starring: Aleksi Pahkala, Roope Venäläinen and Jouko Sydänmaa

Aleksi tells us of the single : “In the midst of all the haste and pressure I wanted to just stop. I sat down with my acoustic guitar by the bedside and started to think about good things in life. Something new was born, Local Al and “En luovuta” (I Don’t Give Up).”

It’s been 20 years since the ‘Summer of 99’ – The Duplo!’s vocoder zeitgeist – Local Al picks up the baton and runs with it in a more serene yet adventurous direction. ‘En luovuta’ brings us vocoder driven pop with a relaxed strum, perfectly primed for the long summer nights. Local Al will deliver three EPs in 2019 for Soliti, the first of which arrives at the end of May.

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EP1 is now available in limited vinyl form.

Pre-order a copy HERE

Single sleeve by Pia Koskimaa

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