Verandan debut EP out now!

The self titled debut from Ville Hopponen’s Vernandan is out now

Yes! Happy release day to Verandan, their debut self titled ep is out now! Stream or download from these selected outlets:


Look out for the Ltd edition cassette of Verandan’s debut EP via Pulla Oy.

Verandan play Bar Loose on the 14th October

Photo by Onni Nieminen

“…this is also expansive sophisticated songwriting with some lovely subtle touches from the musicians, and even the big guitar solo which concludes the track seems to work pretty well too.” Nordic Music Review

“ I’d pick up this song for the delightful chorus with its rising tones and natural hook.” Austin Town Hall

“It comes in the form of the sparkling ‘Gold In The Hills’, a deliberative groove filled pop wonder adorned with perfectly subtle and appropriately arranged atmospherics. And the production, done by Hopponen himself, is killer. Despite extending to four minutes things are over all too soon. You may be spewing upon its abrupt ending but at least there’s always the repeat button.” Indie 30

“Sounds classic” Cloudberry Records

“…sillä Gold in the Hills on silkkaa indieparhautta kylmiin kesäöihin.” Rumba

“Tyylillisesti Verandan on perinnetietoista indiepoprockia, jonka pääosassa ovat melodiat ja kasarimainen bändisoundi. Jos soittajien muihin yhtyeisiin vertaa, Cats on Firen ja The New Tigersin tunnelmointi on lähempänä Verandan musiikkia kuin vaikkapa Black Twigin kitarasurina tai Kynsien garagepaukutus.” Stopshakehoneygo

“With the bubbling buoyancy of Belle and Sebastian and the classic ’80s synth sounds of Joe Jackson, “Gold in the Hills” is a delicious slice of art-pop. Modern yet retro, the song recalls a time when music was cinematic, dramatic, and inspiring.” The Revue

“It reminds me of the best of the pop world, combining chamber elements with delicate touches of atmospherics…all the while keeping a nice bit of energy in the track. Just imagine the playful bounce of Belle and Sebastian mingling with the more introspective world of the Clientele. The group even throws in some joyous “ooh oohs” near the end.” Austin Town Hall

“The band is back this week with the shimmering melody and propulsive rhythms of “Short Dream”. It is the musical equivalent of walking into a room and having sparkling confetti tossed on you while you are handed a glass of champagne.” When You Motor Away Blog

“Short Dream’ is an endearing tune that’ll take you straight to a state of summery bliss. With some mellow synths, melancholic vocals and birds singing in the background, the song mixes delightful idyll with a pinch of intriguing mystery” Ja Ja Ja Music

“As the summer is slowly coming to an end, I urge you to dive into this dreamy tune, which – like all things happy – doesn’t seem to last long enough!” From Pop 2 Top 

“Definitely shows that Ville also has the ability to write rather marvellous songs. Not that I had any doubts.” One Chord To Another

“The first of six tracks on the new EP – ‘Short Dream’ gives a fine flavour of what to expect from the rest. There are no passengers within this collection of material, each song is as good as the featured track & from a personal perspective sometimes better.” Beehive Candy

“‘Short Dream’ is a sparkling indie pop track, with jangling guitars, an infectiously likeable melody and some great instrumental sections – to an extent this track reminds me of fellow Soliti label mates ‘Delay Trees’, albeit with slightly bigger guitar solos.” Nordic Music Review

“…vars andra singel Short Dream lovar gott inför framtida releaser. Det är 80-talsindie utan att låta daterat, en behaglig dagdröm.” Pomani